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Runoko Rashidi is an anthropologist and historian with a major focus on what he calls the Global African Presence–that is, Africans outside of Africa before and after enslavement.  He is the author or editor of eighteen books, the most recent of which are My Global Journeys in Search of the African Presence and Assata-Garvey and Me: A Global African Journey for Children in 2017.  His other works include Black Star: The African Presence in Early Europe, published by Books of Africa in London in November 2011 and African Star over Asia: The Black Presence in the East, published by Books of Africa in London in November 2012...

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Dr. John Henrik Clarke was a Pan-Africanist writer, historian, professor, and a pioneer in the creation of Africana studies and professional institutions in academia starting in the late 1960s. Born John Henry Clark on January 1, 1915, in Union Springs, Alabama, John left the family farm in Columbus in 1933 to Harlem, New York during the period some historians refer to as; The Great Migration.This period refers to the time during 1910 and 1970, where African Americans moved from the southern states, to the northern states in search of work and a better quality of life. There he pursued scholarship and activism. He renamed himself as John...

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Black Author, Black Historian, Black Man, Black Sociologist, Black Writer -

Of the recent towering figures in the struggle to completely eradicate the pervasive racial myths clinging to the origins of Nile Valley Civilization, few scholars have had the impact of Dr. Chancellor James Williams (1898-1992). Chancellor Williams, the youngest of five children, was born in Bennetsville, South Carolina December 22, 1898.  His father had been a slave; his mother a cook, nurse, and evangelist.  A stirring writer, Chancellor Williams achieved wide acclaim as the author of the 1971 publication, The Destruction of Black Civilization—Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D. Totally uncompromising, highly controversial, broadly sweeping in its range...

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Black Activist, Black Educator, Black Historian, Black Man, Black Psychologist -

A professor of educational psychology, Asa Hilliard, III, was born in Galveston, Texas, on August 22, 1933. After completing high school, Hilliard attended the University of Denver, earning his B.A. degree in 1955; his M.A. degree in counseling in 1961; and his Ed.D. degree in educational psychology in 1963.After earning his bachelor’s in psychology, Hilliard began teaching in the Denver Public School system, where he remained until 1960; that year, he began as a teaching fellow at the University of Denver, where he remained until he earned his Ph.D. Joining the faculty at San Francisco State University in 1963, Hilliard...

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Black Artist, Black Author, Black Historian, Black Man -

Anthony T. Browder is an author, publisher, cultural historian, artist, and an educational consultant. He is a graduate of Howard University’s College of Fine Arts and has lectured extensively throughout the United States, Africa, Caribbean, Mexico, Japan and Europe, on issues related to African and African American History and Culture. Mr. Browder is the founder and director of IKG Cultural Resources and has devoted 30 years researching ancient Egyptian history, science, philosophy and culture. He has traveled to Egypt 54 times since 1980 and is currently director of the ASA Restoration Project, which is funding the excavation and restoration of the 25thdynasty tomb...

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Professor Amos N. Wilson was a former social case worker, supervising probation officer, psychological counselor, training administrator in the New York City Department of Juvenile Justice and Assistant Professor of Psychology at the City University of New York.Born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 1941, Amos completed his undergraduate degree at the acclaimed Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He later migrated to New York where he attained his Ph.D. from Fordham University.  Familiarly referred to as Brother Amos, he availed himself for numerous appearances at educational, cultural and political organizations such as the First World Alliance, the Afrikan Poetry Theatre, Afrikan Echoes,...

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Black Activist, Black Historian, Black Lecturer, Black Man, Renowned Speaker -

ASHRA KWESI is a historian (griot) and lecturer on ancient African history and religion. He reveals firsthand information from his field re- search at the ancient temples, tombs and papyrus papers recorded when African people were teach- ers of the world. His wealth of information and inspirational, visually documented presentations are based on over 3 decades of study and tour ex- perience in the African Nile Valley. He spent 14 of those years as an assistant, performing field research and conducting tours in Egypt and Ethiopia with the noted Kemetologist, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan. Mr. Kwesi's wide-ranging study has also...

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