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3 reasons Fox News’ Harris Faulkner deserves a side eye

Black Journalists, Entertainment, Harris Faulkner, News, Politics, Sunny Hostin -

3 reasons Fox News’ Harris Faulkner deserves a side eye

The View’s Sunny Hostin, a lawyer not known for giving people a break, went toe-to-toe verbally with Fox News’ only anchor of color, and she went there. Fox News has long been regarded as conservative and has been largely supportive in its coverage of the Trump White House.

Hostin, cohost of the ABC talk show featuring an all-female panel most days, asked Harris Faulkner on Thursday if she ever feels responsible to Black people.

“When I turn on Fox, and I do sometimes, and I see you, I feel like I’m looking at a unicorn,” Hostin told Faulkner.

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Hostin and other critics have thrown shade at Faulkner for working at a network that negatively skews its coverage of issues affecting the Black community. She also noted that Faulkner did not support former NFL player Colin Kaepernick in his protest against police brutality and deadly use of force against Black citizens.

If those aren’t reasons enough to give Faulkner a side eye, here are three others:

No. 1:

“Do you get flak from the Black community on your positions and for being the only Black woman on Fox News?” Hostin asked Faulkner.

Faulkner responded, “I get flak from everybody, which is how I know I’m living my truth.”

No. 2:

Hostin asked, “Do you feel a certain responsibility to the Black community?”

Faulkner answered, “I feel responsible to everyone.” She added that her daughters are biracial and acknowledged that in her job, she’s in a “unique position,” reports.

No. 3:

Faulkner also added, “I know you say ‘the only one on Fox,’ but where’s MSNBC’s? Where’s CNN’s? I think HLN – and that’s new.”

According to Twitter user @cnj98, Faulkner may have gotten ahead of herself in calling out other networks for racial gaps, and forgot a couple of people, namely, Joy Reid of MSNBC and Fredricka Whitfield of CNN. Albeit, Fox News was all too happy to contact theGrio to remind us that Reid and Whitfield are weekend anchors, while Faulkner is not (apparently, there’s a difference.)

Along with serving as co-host of The View, Hostin is senior legal correspondent and analyst for ABC News.

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Faulkner is anchor of the Outnumbered Overtime and co-anchor on Outnumbered.

The organization Fairness in Accuracy and Reporting, or FAIR, has cited Fox News for an “extraordinary right-wing tilt.”

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