All Day Podcast: 2/28/17 Our favorite moments of Black History Month — United Black Books
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All Day Podcast: 2/28/17 Our favorite moments of Black History Month

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The gang’s back together as Jill Hudson is back in Studio D410 after a weekend of watching Netflix due to being sick. Aaron Dodson has been flexing his skills in the kitchen since we were last on, and there was a whole lot to talk about, considering it’s the end of Black History Month and we’re coming off the blackest Academy Awards ceremony in history.

To start things off, Undefeated senior entertainment reporter Kelley L. Carter discussed how odd it was to be at the Oscars when such a bizarre incident unfolded at the Dolby Theatre. She went on to discuss the importance of Hidden Figures getting recognized even if it wasn’t a huge winner and just how important Denzel Washington is to this generation of actors working now. Jill broke down exactly why the new Calvin Klein ad campaign featuring the men of Moonlight was a tremendously forward-looking effort from the fashion house.

After that, Justin Tinsley gave an impassioned speech about why Nicki Minaj of course has to answer to Remy Ma’s epic diss track “shETHER,” a seven-minute salvo that went all over the place and has the rap world buzzing. Personally, I don’t think Nicki needs to do anything that major, but as Justin put it, the only rules in rap beefs are bars.

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