All Day Podcast: 2/7/16 Danielle Cadet joins to talk about the Grammys — United Black Books
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All Day Podcast: 2/7/16 Danielle Cadet joins to talk about the Grammys and White House visits by sports teams

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We finally came up with a name for the studio. Taking a page out of the Versace retail store’s book, we now call our humble podcast abode Studio D410. Back in December, a former employee sued the fashion designer after he says he was fired for being of mixed race. He explained that the store in California had a practice of making the staff say “D410” whenever black people entered the store, the same code used for black clothing for the luxury retailer. Real smooth, guys. Anyways, we’re reclaiming that for ourselves.

As for the show, Undefeated senior editor for production Danielle Cadet joined and regaled us with tales of Justin Tinsley’s birthday, which sounded like a fun one. Also, we talked about what White House visits for championship teams are going to look like now that President Donald Trump is in the White House. Two players from the New England Patriots have already said they won’t be taking part in the festivities when the team heads to Washington, D.C.

Of course, the 2017 Grammy Awards are coming up next Sunday, as well. Aaron Dodson wrote a story about the categories we’re paying attention to, so we discussed it. Most importantly, however, Aaron and Justin gave us a quick rendition of Justin Bieber, which was fantastic.

Some other highlights include Trap Karaoke, the Kennedy Center and West Indian accents.

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