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April Ryan is getting death threats for asking this question about Donald Trump

April Ryan, Donald Trump, News, Politics, Video -

April Ryan is getting death threats for asking this question about Donald Trump

Apparently, some people aren’t happy with the way White House correspondent April Ryan does her job.

Recently, Ryan asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders if President Donald Trump has considered resigning from office, a question that Sanders called “ridiculous.”

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During an appearance on CNN, April Ryan explained why she felt she needed to ask the question, saying, “When you have turmoil or conflicts constantly coming up or are making major decisions where people are investigating you, there is always a scenario at the White House where there is Plan A, B, C, or D or what have you. And it’s on the table, and it has been on the table.”

She further explained that her sources at the White House told her that the option was being considered, which prompted the veteran journalist to ask for comment from the White House Press Secretary.

“I asked that question in the midst of the fact that the president’s personal attorney had his properties raided to get information for a search warrant about what is going on with Stormy Daniels and others and the trail of money,” April Ryan said. “And this right now is a very tough time for the president; he’s kind of backed in the corner.”

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Ryan went on to say that it wasn’t an unusual question to ask, considering the investigation, since it had been asked when Bill Clinton was facing impeachment proceedings. According to Ryan, it’s a question that has been given legitimacy since Watergate, and presidents facing this kind of scrutiny have a choice to resign to avoid further scandal.

“That is not illogical, irrational. It is a real question on the table that the White House does not want to deal with because they’re trying to craft the picture of the winning image,” she said.

Ryan went on to say that she hadn’t asked the question for partisan reasons but as a reporter. Despite this, she said, “people have gone into their tribes.”

“Those who support this president are outraged, they’re angry. I’ve been getting death threats, and we’ve been calling the FBI, and I put one on social media,” she said. “This is real.”

“My life is in jeopardy because of a question,” she said. “But I’m going to continue to do my job.”

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