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Author claiming Phaedra Parks ran ‘criminal enterprise’ feels vindicated

Anegla Stanton, Entertainment, Inspiration, Phaedra Parks, Real Housewives -

Author claiming Phaedra Parks ran ‘criminal enterprise’ feels vindicated

Angela Stanton, who penned the book “Lies of a Real Housewife” about her alleged racketeering with RHOA star Phaedra Parks, feels vindicated after the latest RHOA season seemed to show Parks in all her living color.

In her book, which was published in 2013, Stanton claimed that Parks ran a “criminal enterprise” that included fake bank accounts and bad checks, but Parks covered her tracks so well that only her husband, Apollo Nida, and Stanton took the blame when it all fell apart.

Just after the book was published, Parks sued Stanton for defamation, but the case was ultimately dismissed after Stanton dropped her counterclaims suit and after Parks had hardly answered anything in her own deposition. The book remained in production.

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But now that RHOA’s most recent reunion special has revealed that Parks was the one who started the rumor that Kandi Burruss and her husband were trying to drug and rape co-star Porsha Williams, Stanton feels vindicated, as everyone was able to see for themselves “how low she would go.”

“I think people can stop blaming me for telling my own story to warn people that Phaedra is a fraud. There’s no end to what Phaedra will do to bring people down,” Stanton said.

Stanton also went on to say that when she watched the reunion special, it brought back bad memories, especially seeing how Parks treated Williams.

“Porsha was not innocent,” she said. “But I will say it’s easy to be manipulated by Phaedra. I’ve been there.”

Still, Stanton isn’t just laying the blame on Parks; she knows that she has to cop to her own mistakes.

“The book is not about blaming Phaedra. It’s about my life and making bad choices. She just made things bigger,” she said.

Now, Stanton is considering writing another book, especially after Burruss mentioned her name on air and her book saw a corresponding spike in sales.

“I think it’s Karma for Phaedra,” she said. “Kandi could sue Phaedra for defamation. But I think throwing out my name was her retaliation.”


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