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BREAKING: Texas Police Officer Turns On Union, EXPOSES Cover Up In Sandra Bland Death (DETAILS)

BREAKING: Texas Police Officer Turns On Union, EXPOSES Cover Up In Sandra Bland Death (DETAILS)

 BREAKING: Texas Police Officer Turns On Union, EXPOSES Cover Up In Sandra Bland Death (DETAILS)

Tuesday, a Texas law enforcement officer accused officials of covering up the events that led to the death of Sandra Bland last July after her arrest.

In an interview with Huffington Post reporter, Michael McLaughlin, Prairie View police officer, Michael Kelley said that some portions of his initial incident report regarding Bland’s arrest were removed. The portions removed were those that gave an unflattering view of the police officer who arrested Bland. Kelly also stated that he was threatened for speaking out about what he witnessed during the July 10, 2015 incident.

Bland died in a Waller County, Texas jail last year, three days after being arrested for allegedly assaulting trooper Brian Encinia. The department said that Bland had apparently committed suicide, a possibility that her family denies. The case made headlines across the country, and many critics and activists questioned why Bland had been arrested in the first place.

Kelley told the Huffington Post that when he arrived at the scene, Bland was already in the back seat of the squad car and handcuffed. The incident, Kelley said, began as a routine traffic stop and that the arresting officer, Encinia, had turned off his body camera. Kelley stated that when he arrived, he overheard that Encinia admitting that he wasn’t sure what charge to file against Bland.

Kelley states that that Encinia’s admission was removed from the official incident report:

‘My opinion is that he messed up. He did not have probable cause to detain her after he pulled her out of the car.’

Kelley also stated that it appeared to him that the 28-year-old Bland had been struck in the head, another portion of his incident report that seems to have been removed from the official record.

‘She had a large mark on her head. Maybe she fell when she was in handcuffs. Maybe she got kicked.’

Kelley told Huffington Post that Bland had complained about pain from the head injury but wouldn’t cooperate with the EMTs.




Kelley said that law enforcement officials edited his two-page draft report down to less than a page, then included it into the official records without his approval. Kelley also said that he was threatened when he requested a change to testify before the grand jury that investigated Bland’s arrest. Kelly stated that Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepraam threatened him and his career.

‘He told me it wouldn’t be good for my career. Then I told him I was going to talk to Sandra Bland’s mother’s attorney, and he told me I was going to be beneath the jail.’

Denials from Encinia’s lawyer, Chip Lewis, were issued quickly. Lewis questioned why Kelley had waited so long to to speak to the press. He also argued that another Prairie View officer didn’t report Encinia wondering how to charge Bland. Lewis stated:

‘I don’t think it’s worth the paper it’s written on. They’re completely contradicted by other eyewitnesses.’

Kelley himself is a figure of some controversy. The 33-year-old officer was indicted for “official oppression” in the misuse of a stun gun on a Black Prairie View council member.

Elton Mathis, Waller County District Attorney, says that Kelley’s charges of a cover up are “fictional.” Mathis released a statement Tuesday, reading:

‘He never approached me, my first assistant, or any member of my staff with any such information. His job was never threatened by me or my staff, and I barely knew who he was before he was indicted.

‘I can only imagine that this is an attempt to divert attention away from the crime committed against Councilman Miller and to cash in on the media attention and sad circumstances surrounding Ms. Bland’s death last year…’

Kelley, in turn, says the indictment is a payback for his speaking out about Sandra Bland.

Kelley’s accusations against the department officials were made public to the press on Tuesday by activist Dwayne Charleston, who talked to Kelley about Bland’s arrest. Charleston recorded the telephone conversation and played it at a press conference on Tuesday. The recording revealed that Kelley told Charleston that he had wanted to testify on Bland’s behalf, but had been threatened.

Encinia has been fired from the Prairie View police department and faces criminal perjury charges for falsifying what happened during the arrest.

There have been a number of discrepancies in the records surrounding the Sandra Bland case, including falsified records by jailers and contradicting reports by jail and morgue staff.

Article courtesy of Sarah McMamanus at





Video via Police Center
Featured image via Getty Images

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How Tinder went general audience

if you should missed it, Last week the Tinder PR people had a meltdown. The match that lit the fire was an article in Vanity Fair that suggested the online dating service platform was hastening the “dating apocalypse” By offering singletons’ a good amount of short term liaisons. beauty is out; sexually rapacious flings are in.

few, Screamed Tinder from its Twitter account, Before saying a stream of on message missives about how “Tinder creates is afflicted with” to “Meaningful relationships” (of the tirade, Though genuine, Eventually prompted an admittance from the particular that it had perhaps “Overreacted”).

on the web forget in all this hullabaloo that Tinder only launched in September 2012. associated with people (Myself required) Have written it off since then as just a sort of under 20s sex delivery service a very modern Domino’s pizza for soulless one night stands between young cool people. while, The name Tinder is now so synonymous with international dating that’s it’s almost a generic trademark, Like whirlpool and Sellotape.

Tinder is everywhere in the present day. Only sufferer, A perfectly commendable colleague in her mid 40s turned to me and said "Willard, Is it swiping right or swiping left that is the good one or the bad one on Tinder, (As any Telegraph reader should know, the easiest way to remember is Left think: The your time party, Jeremy Corbyn and Bolshevism is the bad one, And spot on Thatcher, The joining flag, Apple pie the excellent.)

Amy Williams with husband Crag Ham as they can be bought in this week’s edition of Hello! periodical Photo: hello! My colleague is hardly the normal Tinder user I’d imagined she’s in her early 40s, Divorced and very happy but since getting on the app she’s met plenty of lovely guys in a similar position. the goal wasn’t TV execs either everyone from me to your teenage cousin to Olympic gold medallists are using it and they’re not ashamed of it either. a great Amy Williams, Who won gold in the bob skeleton at the 2010 Winter Games for Britain, Seems positively proud of meeting her handsome soldier husband together with app; And why don’t she?

It used to be that meeting your love through similar to a lonely hearts ad was a shameful thing suggestive of the fact you were somehow inadequate to the task of wooing a partner in real life. Even as paid dating sites have become ubiquitous, The start point for numerous stories that end in happily ever after marriage, It’s still a bit taboo for some people. I’m in the writing a wedding speech myself, And comparing notes with fellow veterans of online dating, Plenty of people think it’s embarrassing to mention the fact you will not have met each other without the internet.

Tinder is now the pre eminent dating program

That taboo has been steadily eroded over the past decade by a steady stream of temporarily successful dating sites but it is Tinder that threatens to burst it asunder. Despite the app’s original reputation for wanton hookups (It was termed the ‘Grindr for straight people’ one of tech press at its launch), Tinder continues to get bigger and bigger. And more diverse too. Speaking last year, Tinder’s an old CMO Justin Mateen said "initially, Over 90pc of our member was aged between 18 and 24. right away, That number is focused on 51pc. 13 17 year olds now are over 7pc, 25 32 year olds are with reference to 32pc, 35 44 is 6.5pc and the remaining are older than 45.

Even those small percentages represent huge communities with nearly 50 million users, that’s 3.5pc over 45 segment is still nearly 2 million grannies swiping right or left for hot Tinder action. Or tea dance invitations. who knows.

What’s incredible is that all these user bases can exist also. Want an important fling? request swiping. Want to find your life long partner? build swiping.

Tinder broke the mould due to three reasons why. Firstly, It was in a good option at the right time, Bringing a mobile platform to the market just at the moment when online dating services, Conducted on huge computers, Was developing normal. such as a young couple, Tinder needed a slice of good fortune to become successful.

‘Fancy meeting eachother you here’

next, It broke through into the mainstream public mindset like no other dating site had managed. Tinder has become the big brand, the family unit name, The eBay of love, Sex and ambiance. The dynamics of a dating site are very like an auction site, Actually because you’re looking for the best “promoting price” to formulate your goods, The logical impulse is to put your good for sale on the site with more potential "clients, As numbers show, The horny teenage user base hasn’t faded away, Just the whole size of the market has swollen exponentially.

And thirdly perhaps above all Tinder is the first dating app that is better for women than men. It puts the woman in charge. with regards to Tinder, Women only get messaged [url=]adam4adam review[/url] by men they find eye-catching, in preference to drowning under the barrage of messages they get from unfiltered, entire body, Balding weird hopefuls on regular internet dating sites.

Many men don’t appreciate the experience of being a woman on a free dating site constantly being barraged with a surreal mixture of uncouth sexual come ons and straight faced insults. One female friend of mine described being on Ok Cupid as "Like being at the centre of a toad knot, you may get a taste from the Bye Felipe instagram account, But be sufficient to say, Tinder means at least once you being messaged by a creep, It’s a creep may perhaps have found hot.

So there it is. Tinder put women accountable for romance, And by doing that has grown beyond a simple hookup app into a global giant where you’re just as likely to find your partner as your next one night stand. It’s become so big it’s now a safe thing to admit you met your partner on it although maybe not to admit you were messaging a dozen other women simultaneously.

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Asian days

ordinarily, Two humans have what festival is to have a meal to see a movie, The feeling doesn’t have a any new idea, Time for evere,forever girlfriend also can feel boring, So in the coming February 14 valentine day, How will have to spend? Do you want to surprise your better half with something you don usually get a chance to do? Here are seven different ways to open your valentine day and learn how to impress your date.

1. the whole family photo: The couples can also get to take but mostly pictures, is it feasible to have some different valentine day, Then you can ask a photographer to specialist couple photo tour, As to the theme can be antique, odd, for you to say, Is valentine day in the proposal is more advanced than the formal leave memories!

2. Two people traverse: This valentine day is fine because is on Friday, Then you can take a day off behind the weekend, And you’ll realize there are three day small long vacation can be a wonderful nearby excursion, not only can be sweet, Is not equivalent to memories of, And I heard fun to travel is also tested the other oh, Borrow this chance you can also see each other whether suitable to enjoy this life with you.

3. Send girl cosmetics: No woman isn’t keen on beauty, Usually is to send a lipstick, valentines day you can send her a set of her usual favorite brand of cosmetics, Or usually like but too ashamed to buy, Let her day by day can dress up beautiful, She is satisfied, You are happy.

4. pouches: The legendary to cure all diseases is not false, Women are born to enjoy bags, Like going, In valentine day this day can send her a bag she likes for decades, usually not the price, But the style must be good looking.

5. Go to the amusement park: Women are happy to be spoiled as children, In valentine day can go to the amusement park with the love of her, Riding the carousel, bumper cars, and additional less exciting projects, Her during a driving trip to spoil, To meet the ex-girlfriend princess dream, make sure to leave her beautiful photos oh.

6. Send flower arrangements: There is to get ready essential flowers, When sending flowers to can recall the language of flowers, and various Numbers have different meanings, Women are very sensitive to this aspect if the boy is clever enough to also can make a flower arrangement.

a great deal one last dating method, and that is the most romantic one, which would be to ride the happiness Ferris wheel with two people on the evening of valentine day, Which is also a great dating scene.

7. The Ferris tire, Believes that lots of girls love watching Korean dramas, [url=][/url] So sure not are part of romantic happiness the Ferris wheel, Let a Ferris wheel super romantic trip, According to legend the Ferris wheel in each grid is filled with happiness, As long as the kiss lover together in the Ferris rotation to the biggest point, it should be forever happy, The dream of valentines day night, Loving couple waiting in the wheel overlooking the distant place, Kiss each other wheel ideas: Magic color Ferris car, And Chinese girlfriend to keep in mind to pack a small room, see the romantic time of two people, and remember to wish, Ferris wheel is very fantastic things, there are numerous beautiful legends, Believe your fiancee will like!

do you wish to prepare a gift for a Chinese girlfriend on the first date? Under normal factors, If you are not familiar with what each other likes and suits, you might need to prepare gifts. naturally, There may be many times over the years when you need to prepare gifts, for example, The formal admission will be on valentine day and so on. If you must choose a gift for your better half, Then for a lady first date gift, choose a gift with a local touch. This will also make your soulmate feel appreciated and will not make them feel inadequate.

For time period date, the situation is important, And a cozy cafe is a great place to sit down and talk to each other getting to know each other better. Then there the movie theatre. Although dating to see a movie is a bit old fashioned, An interesting movie will open up more common topics and allow you to connect with each other more naturally. If you can demonstrate some some emotional basis, Then the workshop should be a good place to do pottery together, Together to make a enjoyable pottery works, So there is some romantic world we live in.

In the early stage of the relationship development, The date must choose a great place, As for the first date to send gifts it depends on how much you understand the other party, finding gifts can be a lot, With profound meaning can be sent after many dates, Confession can also learn from the ancients, Love to physical evidence, Love in metals and diamonds.

a mature and steady, Can be called is the sensation of love, Must professionally experience these 4 cycles, Each cycle in the midst of the transformation time, because those are different. broadly the same, in cycles, The love skills adopted vary.

as much as we survive these four cycles, We can truly be collectively forever.

First routine: Co located (fantastic phase).

This one fertility cycle, that is to say, People often say love each other is full of lure, Basically every moment want to follow another party, the other party words and deeds, Every move in their own eyes is all happiness, Really came to how much obsession.

This period, the type of passion to stick together every day has long gone, And the relationship has leveled off. One partner will be the first one to step into the anti dependency cycle, Wanting more time for themselves to do what they aspire to to do, And additional will feel left out.

In this cycle of the pair, They must be rational to solve the relationship between the two people, Do not because the moment of emotional impulse and make some incorrect decisions, Casually broke their self-confidence.

The third treadmill: escape (contrast burst period).

This never-ending loop, Which can be described as the continuation of the second stage, Is a particularly important stage to hone the relationship, Which must be taken seriously by both parties.

The one who wants to be independent will feel that they need a lot of independent time, While the one who feels left out will feel that the couple does not treat on their well.

these times, You can feel that your beautiful Asian girl has become a very close and important person that you simply, regardless of if no words, Just check her, you should understand the meaning of her eyes.

We will help each other and create our own life path. we will not easily be bound by each other, But we can be each other. It is only necessary to pay attention so that you can sometimes allocate some theme activities to recall the feeling of the love stage at that time and consolidate the feelings between the two people.

Little many, In lifestyle, almost all people did not even pass the second stage and then go their own way, It is seen as a pity.

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