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Caught on tape: Robbers attack man in wheelchair

NBC Philadelphia – One man is in custody and another remains on the loose after police say the two were caught on camera attacking and robbing a man in a wheelchair who suffers from muscular dystrophy.

It happened last Thursday around 5:20 a.m. at the Lansdowne Towers Apartment Complex in Upper Darby.  Police say the victim’s cousin called him, saying he had been in a car accident and needed Oxycotin. The victim has a legitimate prescription for the drug but was suspicious about the request, according to investigators.

“The victim was kind of suspicious of getting a call at 5:20 in the morning,” said Upper Darby Police Chief Michael Chitwood. “So he set up a video camera.”

After the victim set up a video camera inside his home, two men arrived at the door and he let them in, according to investigators. After brief conversation, the video shows the men going off camera. It was then that police say one of the men punched the victim, knocking him out of the chair.

The surveillance camera captured the man, identified by police as Dominic Henderson, 22, dragging the victim into the living room.

Dominic Henderson Credit: Philadelphia Police

Another man, who police identified as Keenan Smith, 21, is seen grabbing a flat screen television and several other items, including 37 Oxycotin pills. Police say Henderson repeatedly kicked the victim to stop him from getting up as the robbery took place. They then fled the scene.

“It took all the victim had in him to crawl to the door and lock the door because he was scared to death,” said Chitwood. “He thought these guys would come back and rob him some more or kill him.”

Police say the victim eventually got to his cell phone and called 911. The man’s neighbor spoke to NBC10.

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