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Chad Ochocinco’s grandmother hospitalized

Bessie Flowers, the grandmother of NFL player Chad Ochocinco, is recovering in a Miami hospital from an unknown illness.

Ochocinco, who recently signed with the Miami Dolphins after being released by the New England Patriots, has been spotted going in and out of the Miami hospital where Bessie Flowers is “resting comfortably,” according to a source, and has stayed overnight on more than one occasion with his grandmother.

The all-pro wide receiver has spoken often of the role Flowers played in raising him. Ochocinco’s mother left him with Flowers when he was just five years old.

The family has not issued a statement, but Ochocinco responded to a tweet by a Miami area high school football player, William Rocca, who inquired about Flowers: “She chilling right here at JMH still… She has on no wig n only her top denchers… funny.” And later added, “I’m staying in the hospital tonight with my grandma again n I brought my X-Box so we can play split screen on Call of Duty… she is geeked,” along with a note about dropping by a local soul food restaurant, People’s, in the Miami neighborhood Overtown.

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