Danielle Serini, News, Racism, Racist -

Chiropractor busted for sending racist letters: ‘Ugly ni**er child!’

Danielle Serini, News, Racism, Racist -

Chiropractor busted for sending racist letters: ‘Ugly ni**er child!’

A Staten Island chiropractor was arrested after sending threatening letters to a black NYPD police officer as well as a white crossing guard with a black child.

On Monday, according to prosecutors, Danielle Serini sent letters to Police Officer Ebony Glover and school crossing guard Jennifer Becker threatening both Glover and Becker’s child.

“My next opportunity will be getting rid of you and that ugly a– n—-r child of the crossing guard,” she wrote to Glover, according to court documents. “Keep thinking he’s safe in school, but when the opportunity hits, it will with a bang. N—–s don’t belong in my neighborhood.”

Court records also show that Serini sent a bag of Dum-Dum lollipops to both Glover and Becker’s homes.

“Enjoy the pops dum dum,” she wrote. “Don’t think for a moment I forgot about the so-called crossing guard that is never doing her job. In due time!”

Serini has reportedly been in an ongoing feud with Glover and Becker since last April and has repeatedly shouted at crossing guards and cops in the area, accusing them of ticketing her clients.

Serini has been charged with aggravated harassment, stalking, and for violating an order of protection after Becker took out a protective order against Serini in June of 2016.


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