2016 Elections, All Day, Daily Dose, Halloween, NFL -

Daily Dose: 10/31/16 Referees come under fire after NFL’s Week 7

2016 Elections, All Day, Daily Dose, Halloween, NFL -

Daily Dose: 10/31/16 Referees come under fire after NFL’s Week 7

Hey all, hope your weekends went well. As a person who spends too much time thinking about which holidays are best celebrated on particular days of the week, I can confidently say that Monday is the worst possible day for Halloween.

You know what’s not cool? Using people’s cultural identities as costumes on Halloween. It’s particularly problematic when the effect of said mockery and cultural erasure is manifesting itself right before our eyes. See, while Hillary Duff’s man Jason Walsh was out here dressed like a jerk, actual Native Americans and others are protesting an oil pipeline that could affect their water supply for eternity. Oh, and guess what, those people are getting arrested for trying to save the globe.

With the election just around the corner, NOBODY FREAK OUT OR ANYTHING. Alas, that’s exactly what’s happening all over the shop. FBI Director James Comey is being completely reckless and has genuinely upset a lot of people with the decision to say that his organization is planning to reopen an investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails. Harry Reid thinks Comey broke the law. Former Attorney General Eric Holder said that Comey made a mistake. And, of course, Anthony Weiner is involved. ABC News has the latest.

So, among the various problems we have in this nation, there’s one particularly tricky one. Our country is too old. Just look at the age of both of our presidential candidates. More generally though, it’s a larger problem because, unfortunately, old people can often be a drag on the economy, which is wack to say, but it’s true. But guess who’s helping that change? You guessed it, immigrants. Just keep that in mind the next time you want to talk about how the U.S. needs to be doing. FiveThirtyEight’s Ben Casselman explains.

Sunday was a strange one in the NFL, but also a bounce back from the previous week. We got some games that came down to the wire and one that still doesn’t have a winner. Anyway, three very notable names stood up after their matchups and loudly complained about officiating, both in different ways. Josh Norman doesn’t understand how his position is officiated anymore and is frustrated. Richard Sherman straight called out referee Ed Hochuli for missing calls. And Cam Newton says he doesn’t feel safe. Roger Goodell, call your office.

Free Food

Coffee Break: I don’t know Perez Hilton and will probably never meet him. Fine. But I will not stand by as a site/operation as popular as his talks down on the icon-level game that Dipset put us on to back in the day. I hate to defend Tyga, but his costume dressing up as Juelz Santana is actually tremendous.

Snack Time: If you don’t know who they are already, you might want to familiarize yourself with the McClure twins. They are adorable and this video of one of them learning that the other is one minute older is precious beyond belief.

Dessert: It’s Halloween, which means that RL Grime has a new mix out.

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