All Day, Daily Dose, Derrick Rose, Fetty Wap, Hurricane Matthew, Locker Room Lawyer, NBA -

Daily Dose: 10/6/16 Hurricane Matthew has the East Coast prepping for doomsday

All Day, Daily Dose, Derrick Rose, Fetty Wap, Hurricane Matthew, Locker Room Lawyer, NBA -

Daily Dose: 10/6/16 Hurricane Matthew has the East Coast prepping for doomsday

We’ve got another episode of Locker Room Lawyer in the books for you. On a related note, this should be an interesting week in NFL penalty calls, too. Check out the latest video, here.

If you had travel plans this weekend on the East Coast, they’re probably already in shambles. Hurricane Matthew has already claimed lives in the Caribbean (1o in Haiti, to be specific) and as winds pick up along the Atlantic seaboard, officials are warning people to evacuate coastal areas. In times like this, the rush to get out can create almost as much havoc as the actual storm itself. Crowded grocery stores, long lines for gas and awful traffic only add to the stress of trying to outrun a hurricane. ABC News has the latest.

Fetty Wap might have had a great 2016, but he also had a fair share of legal issues. He was involved late last year in an altercation with his girlfriend after allegedly threatening to shoot her. Then, he was charged with driving on a suspended license, which is the lamest thing ever when you’re an artist that supposedly has a team to help you handle things like this. Anyway, in a pretty wack publicity stunt, Fetty brought hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay off a couple hundred bucks in fines. ABC News has the details.

Very rarely do I rock suits. Earlier in life, I used to have a strict weddings/funerals policy, as in that’s the only time I ever wore them. Such strict personal codes have since been relaxed, but I’m not sure I’ve gotten anything tailored in my life on that front. So, the concept of a customized suit is beyond foreign to me. In fact, for some people, that’s the only way to go. That process has gone next level recently, though. It’s not just about detailed fittings. If you want, you can get your naked body scanned. That’s what FiveThirtyEight’s Chadwick Matlin did.

Derrick Rose’s rape trial is underway. If you’re a fan of the Chicago native and New York Knicks point guard, the details of this are going to be difficult for you to accept. If you read or heard anything that his accuser has had to say over the past few months, never mind Rose himself, you know that whatever happened in that apartment is going to be a matter of her word vs. his, which is unfortunate. The jury is now set. Six women and two men will decide if Rose is a rapist.

Free Food

Coffee Break: I do not follow California state politics that closely, but I’ll tell you this: It appears that Loretta Sanchez is very lit. During a Senate debate Wednesday, after her time was up following her closing statement, she dabbed on her opponent, albeit awkwardly.

Snack Time: We’ve got casting updates from the new Han Solo spinoff that’s supposed to be in development. Shooting doesn’t even begin until next year, but nonetheless, it’s fun to speculate.

Dessert: Set your DVRs, kiddos. Ayesha Curry’s new show officially debuts Oct. 22 on the Food Network.

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