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Daily Dose: 11/16/16 Some NBA teams say no to Trump hotels

Jill Hudson was out of town this week, so our gracious colleague Danielle Cadet filled in on the podcast and things went well. She’s an international superstar, so, you might want to tune in for that story. Listen here or download here.

So, Donald Trump has a big problem: the media. It’s one thing when you want them to come and you summon them. It’s another thing when they are hanging around you all the time, because, yanno, you’re the president-elect of the United States. He didn’t want the media on his plane when he went to meet the actual president, and now he’s ditching them to eat meals with his family. Who is this guy, thinking he deserves some right to privacy as the most visible elected official in the country? In all seriousness, though, ABC News reports on a steak dinner.

Here’s the thing about the word institution: By definition it’s supposed to be a thing, a concept, a reality that we can count on, trust and believe in and swear by. That also happens to be the large problem with them. Because once you’ve decided who’s supposed to benefit from said institutions, it becomes really hard to change the products and derivatives of said system. Think about what you call an “institution” and what that means to you. Then, think about who that affects negatively. FiveThirtyEight’s Clare Malone analyzes why we don’t trust them anymore these days.

Real talk: I watch Desus and Mero every night. I was a listener of their podcast and I watched their internet show, too. They came out of nowhere on the internet, and if you remember those days of Twitter, oh, was it glorious. Now, they’re big time, hosting their own television program on Viceland, and are doing it big. They’re somewhat reckless, very vulgar by some standards and extremely funny. But, their act, for lack of a better term, has come a long way. Check out this interview about how they found their comedic voices.

The Trump effect is going to be a bigger deal around America than even he realizes. For sports teams, this means that staying at his hotels is something they just might not do. We saw this already in Major League Baseball when Adrian Gonzalez decided not to stay in a Trump facility, eschewing what his team had done for years. Now, the NBA is getting in on the act, which leads to the other question of just how many teams are staying in Trump locales, anyway. ESPN’s Marc Stein and Zach Lowe report.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Speaking of Trump, there’s a new game out there taking over the nation. It’s called “Trump’s coming” and it’s heavy in these streets. Literally, here’s all it involves. Someone yells the catch phrase, then people of color start running for their lives. This is funny, because, well, it’s not.

Snack Time: Apparently Lin-Manuel Miranda was bullied in high school. That sucks. But, also, he was apparently a rather well-known rapper, Immortal Technique. This story is intriguing on multiple levels.

Dessert: The new Pharrell song is very fun. Play it while you wash the dishes.

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