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Daily Dose: 11/18/16 Kanye West has officially lost the plot

All Day, Daily Dose, Donald Glover, Donald Trump, Kanye West -

Daily Dose: 11/18/16 Kanye West has officially lost the plot

The homey Aaron Dodson’s new podcast is officially up and moving, and he’s got another edition out. If you don’t know about What Are Those?!, you need to get on it. Listen here.

I have no idea what’s going on with Kanye West. Sure, it’s been a tough year. He’s been publicly beefing with Jay Z, his wife was assaulted in Paris and now his concerts turned therapy sessions have gone wild. On Thursday at a concert in California, he told an entire crowd of people that had he voted, his vote would have gone to Donald Trump. He then resurfaced his claims of running in 2020, which at this point is exactly what this country deserves. This dude is doing the absolute most. ABC News reports.

Let’s review what’s going on with the Trump White House. He’s decided to tap Michael Flynn as the national security adviser. He’s also decided that Mike Pompeo is his guy for the CIA. To top things off, he’s offered the job of attorney general to Jeff Sessions, who was the first Republican senator to endorse Trump, so apparently that move paid off. Meanwhile, Trump is also trying to stick his son-in-law in office, which might cause a problem, because nepotism is a thing, and people don’t want that.

In this country, some people view drug addiction as a psychological choice, rather than a physical problem. And for some people, who tend to believe that the criminal justice system is actually designed to reform and reshape lives, they think that sending someone to jail is a smart way to bring about change. But for parents, dealing with an addicted child is a nightmare. They take desperate measures to try to make a difference in ways that they haven’t before. One dad sent his heroin-addicted daughter to jail. VICE reports on how that story ends.

The Lamar Jackson show is over. It was fun while it lasted. Watching him roast defenses all over the East Coast was a tremendous ritual this season. All he did was score touchdowns, and we all loved it. But, that’s all over now. They got completely dumptrucked by Houston on Thursday night, and it wasn’t particularly close. They looked like a squad that was waiting to get exposed, and it happened. His Heisman Trophy hopes probably aren’t over, but if I’m being honest, I would have rather seen them play for the title, anyway. ESPN’s Sam Khan Jr. reports.

Free Food

Coffee Break: If you’re wondering what’s going on in various coffee shops these days, I’ll tell you. Grown men are screaming at people because they didn’t get their lattes on time, and people are recording these interactions. I’ll let you fill in the blanks on why all this went down, but you can also just watch it here.

Snack Time: Donald Glover put another song out, and from the looks of it, that album is going to be superfire. Also, The Weeknd put out two snippets. We think the same will be the case with his album, but we don’t really know yet.

Dessert: Klay Thompson is an absolute goon, and we’re here for it.

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