All Day, Charlie Strong, Kanye West, NCF, Texas Longhorns, Thanksgiving -

Daily Dose: 11/22/16 Kanye West’s rough stretch ends with a hospital trip

All Day, Charlie Strong, Kanye West, NCF, Texas Longhorns, Thanksgiving -

Daily Dose: 11/22/16 Kanye West’s rough stretch ends with a hospital trip

It’s the time of year when gift guides start proliferating, which are always fun. And once we get into gift guide territory, we move to my favorite days on the calendar: end-of-year lists!

Kanye West’s last two weeks have been very eventful. Ever since his wife, Kim Kardashian, was robbed in Paris, the artist has been unraveling, to an extent. The extended rants on stage, cutting short of shows, insulting any and everyone who might have upset him in the past, it’s been rather ugly. He canceled the rest of his Saint Pablo Tour, then the real bombshell dropped later Monday afternoon. West is in the hospital, and the speculation is that it’s for a psychiatric evaluation.

While most of the U.S. is celebrating Thanksgiving, think about this: The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe will be fighting for its homeland. While many marketing schemes push the narratives of Indian and Pilgrim harmony, along with other general concepts of harvest and family, there’s an actual fight between the latest generations of those two groups. ABC News reports on why Native Americans don’t trust the government: broken promises.

Many people don’t need cash in their lives. Between cellphones, apps and cards, the concept of paper money is just not a risk worth taking. One such service that makes that lifestyle easier is Venmo, which allows you to share small amounts of money with friends or whomever. I use it to pay rent, for example. But because people are always trying to be “funny,” VICE‘s Andy Verderosa found out the hard way that “Isis” is not an OK payment category.

When getting rid of football coaches, the Texas Longhorns love to make it awkward. Remember how poorly they handled the situation with Mack Brown back in 2013? Yeah, it was not pretty, whatsoever. The situation bordered on unbecoming for a program of that stature, but that’s just big-time college football these days. Now, they are doing the same dance with Charlie Strong. Is he fired or not? ESPN’s Mark Schlabach reports on the latest machinations.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Need a holiday gift for the sneakerhead in your life? Well, in case you forgot, this year marks the 20th anniversary of Space Jam, which comes along with a re-release of the Jordans he wore in said movie, as well. This box, however, includes a whole lot more than just those.

Snack Time: The “alt-right” vs. “white supremacist” discussion is still raging in some parts of media Twitter, but you can watch this video shot in Washington, D.C., over the weekend and judge for yourself.

Dessert: Your boy Zayn Malik is outchea trying to change the haircut game.

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