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Daily Dose: 11/8/16 It’s Election Day — the most American day in our country

If you didn’t watch the best duo on television Monday night on VH1, you need to. It was everything we wanted it to be.

All right, this long national nightmare will finally be ending soon. After a while, we’ll be able to look back on these past 600 days with all the fondness of a paper cut and wonder how we got through it all. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both cast their ballots, and across the country, lines are wrapped around every corner for people to fulfill their civic duty. There’s a certain part of me that loves this day. It’s like a dozen Super Bowls at once if you like politics, but it’s also an emotional day for far more people than just those at the top of the ticket. Here are 10 storylines to follow.

Across the pond, the Brits are dealing with an interesting case of racism with the royal family. Prince Harry’s girlfriend is black. Apparently, this is an issue for quite a few people, who seem to believe that dating a black woman is beneath him. The media over there has been offering up all sorts of coded language about the fact that them being together is a problem, and Harry has had enough. To the point that he released an official letter from the palace, basically telling everyone to screw off and leave him alone. Good for him. ABC News reports.

I thought I had found the best mannequin challenge yet, but I’m told I might be wrong. The homey Aaron Dodson hipped me to this one that features an R. Kelly type scenario unfolding in a bedroom. Overall, though, this trend has completely taken over the country, and you can find a mannequin challenge anywhere from a classroom to a corporate boardroom, which is just odd, on a couple different levels. Some are good, most are decent. Viceland‘s Desus and Mero discuss just how far this trend has gone.

Wisconsin’s football team has had enough. The Badgers are the latest squad to take to social media to air their thoughts regarding racial issues on campus. If you missed it, someone attended a game dressed in a Barack Obama costume with a noose around their neck over Halloween weekend, which while an extreme case makes a larger point about how black players are treated on campus, as they see it. Wisconsin basketball player Nigel Hayes also let his voice be heard on the matter. ESPN’s Jesse Temple reports.

Free Food

Coffee Break: While you’re turning out to turn up when it comes to voting, don’t forget that in some places taking pictures of yourself or your vote at the polls is a violation. You know who didn’t know that? Donald Trump’s own son, who voted in New York.

Snack Time: The How I Built This podcast from NPR is an interesting one, and this week, they got L.A. Reid to talk about how he constructed his massive music empire. It’s a fascinating listen from a guy who knows the game well.

Dessert: Smart move, Orlando. This is as classy as it gets.

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