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Daily Dose: 12/14/16 Bill Cosby is well aware of what’s happening in the courtroom

If you’re wondering what to expect from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I’ve got you covered. Here’s my review. Also, we taped another episode of the podcast Tuesday. You can download or listen here!

The Bill Cosby trial has been moving forward. On Tuesday, prosecutors argued in court that Cosby’s many accusers should be allowed to testify in the case against him in Pennsylvania. Of course, the comedian’s lawyers plan on telling the judge that each of the women involved are of ill repute, the oldest tactic in the book. If you’re into courtroom antics, however, read this. Things have been getting very testy. ABC News profiles the 13 women looking to take the stand. Also, Cosby completely knows what’s going on, despite what his lawyers say, apparently.

Weird how life works out. Back when he ran for president, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said that he wanted to eliminate three government departments. He famously forgot the name of one of them, then said “oops” live at a debate. It tanked his candidacy because people just assumed someone that uninformed could not hold the highest office in the land. Now, who’s the stupid one? Donald Trump has tapped him to be the secretary of energy, meaning he would be leading the U.S. Department of Energy. ABC News explains this turn of events.

The situation in Syria is awful. If you haven’t been paying attention, the battle for Aleppo has highlighted how complex the conflict is there and basically left regular civilians running for their lives in all directions. It’s gotten to the point where people on social media are basically saying goodbye to the world via their networks, which is just an incredibly scary concept on so many levels. VICE‘s Tim Hume breaks down why Aleppo won’t be even close to the end of this war.

We love Richard Sherman. Not only because he’s a tremendous cornerback, but because he speaks his mind on a wide variety issues, be it things in America, or things that involve his job and the league that he plays in. On Tuesday, in criticizing the purpose and effectiveness of Thursday night games, he used a word that should be in the dictionary. If you’re a fifth grader, that is. And I say that in a complimentary way. Sometimes you have to break out the kids’ vocab to make a real point. ESPN’s Sheil Kapadia reports.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Rock, paper, scissors (or whatever you call it) used to end quite a few battles. I had a friend once tell me that it was how he and his wife would determine who had to get out of bed to console the baby when he cried at night. Anyway, if you want to see the highest stakes version of the game, ever, check this out.

Snack Time: We love a good story of espionage and sneaky tactics, but this tale of a former Wake Forest coach sharing information with opponents is a genuinely bizarre one. Who knew Demon Deacons football was so serious?

Dessert: What were you doing with your life during freshman year? Probably less than this guy.

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