Adam Jones, All Day, Daily Dose, Donald Trump, Obamacare, World Baseball Classic, Yadier Molina -

Daily Dose: 3/24/17 There’s no shame in second place, Puerto Rico

Adam Jones, All Day, Daily Dose, Donald Trump, Obamacare, World Baseball Classic, Yadier Molina -

Daily Dose: 3/24/17 There’s no shame in second place, Puerto Rico

Just want to say thanks to Martenzie Johnson for filling in yesterday with Daily Dose. I was stuck in business travel commute hell and learned the hard way that my driver’s license expired on my birthday this week. Make sure to check yours, folks.

Today’s the day we figure out if the Affordable Care Act will die. If you don’t recall, President Donald Trump hitched his wagon to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who claims he’s been looking to drastically change the health care system in America since he was drinking out of kegs in college, which is weird in itself. Anyway, both plans that have been put together have gotten little support in Congress, but because the president is impatient on everything, he issued an ultimatum to the GOP: Vote on it Friday or else we’re sticking with the status quo. Alrighty then.

The ancillary effects of broader policies definitely affect day-to-day lives. If a country issues draconian rules on basic things like the right to exist in a nation regarding one’s fear of being forced out, there are certain things that people aren’t willing to do. One of them is report crimes. Sort of the same reason why black people don’t like calling the police when they’re victims, because often it is assumed they are the ones that have done wrong. This story about women dropping domestic violence cases for fear of deportation is very sad.

Guns are everywhere in America. With that proliferation comes multiple different scenarios and outlooks. There are those who believe that any limit on anything related to firearms is a bad idea, because it infringes upon the so-called freedom of citizens. There are others who think that a little regulation when it comes to something that could end a life is not only sensible, but necessary. However, there are some who think that there’s a solution: smart guns. Check out this documentary about why that concept hasn’t seemed to be able to get off the ground.

The World Baseball Classic is over, but still getting some run. The United States smoked Puerto Rico in the final this week, winning 8-0. Afterward, the Baltimore Orioles’ Adam Jones said that he felt like his opponents were a little too ready to party, following a win they hadn’t even secured yet. Jones said as much publicly and Puerto Rico team captain Yadier Molina didn’t take kindly to it. Now, the catcher wants Jones to apologize, claiming that he can’t possibly understand what any medal at all means to the people of Puerto Rico.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Jimmy Fallon and The Roots doing impromptu versions of popular songs with random props has been the stuff of legend for some time. Now, they’ve taken things next level by bringing in Migos to do “Bad and Boujee” all while wearing funny work outfits. Bless this show.

Snack Time: There are not one, but two films about legendary activist and Black Panther Angela Davis. Here’s an interesting story about how the casting of these flicks could and probably should go.

Dessert: Need a gift for that big Beatles/OutKast fan in your life? Here you go.

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