All Day, Cleveland Cavaliers, Daily Dose, Donald Trump, Dwayne Johnson, LeBron James -

Daily Dose: 3/28/17 The Cleveland Cavaliers are circling the drain

All Day, Cleveland Cavaliers, Daily Dose, Donald Trump, Dwayne Johnson, LeBron James -

Daily Dose: 3/28/17 The Cleveland Cavaliers are circling the drain

The Washington Nationals have reportedly asked President Donald Trump to throw out the first pitch at Nationals Park on Opening Day. I can’t imagine one single good result coming from that request for the franchise. What a bad idea.

It has not been a good week for Maryland, when it comes to terrorism. Last week, a white supremacist who grew up outside of Baltimore traveled to New York City, for the purposes of killing black men and carried out his task. After he was taken in by authorities, he made it clear that he was hoping to do a lot more damage. Now, a high school girl in Frederick County, Maryland, is in custody after her father read her diary and turned her in. She was plotting a mass shooting at her school and had a shotgun and bomb materials in her closet.

There are certainly reality shows I’d go on. There are plenty others that I certainly would not. When it comes to what sounds fun, The Bachelor and The Amazing Race come to mind. Also, anything that involved building houses or what have you. What does not sound appealing? Any situation that involves being in the wilderness or physical challenge dares like eating bugs. But for one group in Europe, the worst happened. They were cast out in the wilderness and told to survive for the show. Then it was canceled. No one told them though. Wow.

Dwayne Johnson is the king of the remake at this point. Coming up this summer, he’ll be part of two movies that serve as reboots for two extremely big brands. First is Baywatch, which, if we’re being serious, genuinely looks tremendous. It’s a role that makes almost too much sense for him. But, he’s also starring alongside Kevin Hart in Jumanji 2, which just released new official footage at Comic-Con this week. In it, we learn that instead of getting trapped in an old board game, they use an old Nintendo game instead. Pretty cool.

Things are not good for the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. They got crushed on the road by the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night and are no longer in first place in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. And, in general, they have not played well at all recently. Sure, part of this is due to the squad resting players to be better for the playoffs. But, if they’re backsliding, what’s the point? To make things even more awkward, LeBron James admitted that the team was in a “delicate” state at this point, a very odd choice of words, considering.

Free Food

Coffee Break: 25 years ago yesterday, White Men Can’t Jump was released in theaters. The iconic sports movie of my life was also a Los Angeles love letter. Now, many of the sites in the movie have changed, but some haven’t and the evolution is fascinating.

Snack Time: Another week, another lawsuit involving the shooting of an unarmed black person in America. It was in South Carolina again and the details are rather troubling.

Dessert: New Big Boi with Killer Mike and Jeezy? Yes, please.

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