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Daily Dose: 4/18/17 Our favorite power couple appears to be no longer

All Day, Carmelo Anthony, Daily Dose, David Fizdale, La La Anthony -

Daily Dose: 4/18/17 Our favorite power couple appears to be no longer

Baseball has had a whole lot of racism in these streets for quite a while. If you’re older than 40, you know who Al Campanis is. He was a racist who was VP of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Need a history lesson? Here you go.

Carmelo Kyam Anthony, what you doing, baby? First, there’s the terrible news of you and La La breaking up, which is heartbreaking on so many levels. Y’all were the celebrity couple we were all rooting for, and then we all realized that people are still people and everyone has problems. But us fans all rode it out, rooting for each of you individually and collectively, even when those things seemed to being going awry. Now you’re breaking up, and we’re not ready to choose. News of Melo getting a side chick pregnant doesn’t help the cause. Jesus, take the wheel.

David Fizdale is awesome. If you don’t know who he is, fair enough. He’s the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies, the trillest team in the league, and he’s not here for your nonsense. Not remotely. He’s a rookie head coach in the league, but he’s in the playoffs with his team and he’s doing it without his best player, Tony Allen. They’re up against the Spurs, so it’s a tough go, but Monday night’s matchup was particularly unnerving for Grizz fans. And Fizdale delivered one of the all-time great postgame pressers in playoff history, to boot.

You want to know how supremacy works? I’ll explain. It’s an intricate system of power, portrayal and privilege that shapes how people feel about themselves and others, to believe that when the ruling class has something that works, it makes sense. But if others have it, something’s wrong. That’s it. Personal agency is stripped away, and the concept of human value is reduced to a dollar amount. So, with all that in mind, you might want to hear the story of how a Native American tribe was summarily extinguished when they found oil on their land.

Major League Baseball is about to do something really dope. Like, really, truly fun, that we rarely see out of the game. Here’s the thing about baseball: There’s so much to the sport that will never really translate to TV because if you’re not close to the field, it just doesn’t make sense. The umpires are a perfect example. They talk a lot during games, and what they have to say is, in fact, quite informative to any game. Now, it appears that MLB is looking to mic up Blue to explain various replay calls. This is nothing short of amazing in my world.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Good news! There’s a new late night show coming to Comedy Central, and we’re here for it. Also, you missed out if you never saw Kara Walker’s sugar sphinx, but you might want to know what she’s up to these days. Hint: It’s awesome.

Snack Time: If you’ve ever had a pet, you know how much joy they bring to your family. This optical illusion ad campaign to show that value is really, really excellent.

Dessert: This track bangs. Straight up.

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