Aaron Hernandez, All Day, Chicago Cubs, Daily Dose, Redman -

Daily Dose: 4/19/17 Aaron Hernandez found dead in jail cell

Aaron Hernandez, All Day, Chicago Cubs, Daily Dose, Redman -

Daily Dose: 4/19/17 Aaron Hernandez found dead in jail cell

I had to write about Kendrick Lamar. That last video just moved me to the point where I couldn’t hold it in.

When someone writes a book about Aaron Hernandez’s life, it will be fascinating. The former New England Patriots tight end apparently killed himself Tuesday night, providing an end to one of the most bizarrely violent episodes in recent history involving the NFL. He beat a double murder charge last week and Wednesday morning was found dead in his jail cell. Hernandez had quite a few run-ins with the law; it was a pattern dating back to his college days at Florida. It’ll be interesting to see what the NFL says about this, if anything at all.

Speaking of the Patriots, things are getting more awkward. Back in February, a bunch of guys from the Super Bowl-winning squad said they did not want to visit the White House as part of their celebration. It’s obviously a tradition that’s well-worn and in the past, and quite a few athletes have said no to the invitation for various reasons. In this case, many were political. But a big shocker comes today. Tom Brady won’t be attending. He and the president are apparently friends, but Tom’s got family obligations, it seems.

Tennis is an exciting sport. The back-and-forth rallies, the grueling grind of facing off against one opponent for the duration — it can be a workout. Sort of like another activity. What happens when the two things come together? Well, you get one of the most hilarious YouTube videos of all time, and a bunch of sportswriters trying to come up with a way to make jokes about it. The match was between Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger at the Sarasota Open, which instantly just became a far more popular tournament.

The Cubs won the World Series and are still doing the most. First they held a rather extravagant and excessive banner raising, which people sat through the rain and cold to see in person for who knows what reason. Then they had a separate ceremony for the ring unveiling, because in 2017 you can’t just win a title and act like that was the goal all along. Now they’re trying to do everything they can to prevent those rings from becoming cash cows for everyone else besides them. Follow the money, kiddos.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Redman is my favorite rapper. This has been the case since I was in high school, so don’t come at me with your foolishness. He’s also a very funny dude who’s found himself in a couple of movies. He keeps it notoriously real on many fronts. Listen to him break down his top three roles.

Snack Time: I’m enamored with the science of extremely basic things. Tying your shoes is a pretty simple concept, but here’s a question — why do they ever become undone? Some engineers found the answers.

Dessert: Weird how when you get out and talk to people who actually live across America, they can tell you great stories.

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