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Daily Dose: 5/3/17 Alton Sterling’s killers will not be charged

All Day, Daily Dose -

Daily Dose: 5/3/17 Alton Sterling’s killers will not be charged

I wrote about Rachel Dolezal. Her whole approach to life really makes me nervous as a black person.

Facebook is many things, but at this point it’s also a lifeblood for many. The social network has grown into the type of behemoth that legitimately controls people’s lives. It can sway elections, it’s a marketplace, and it can make you a star if you know what you’re doing. It’s been used in courtrooms and by police forces to find criminals, but what happens when the crime exists effectively inside the grid? If someone commits suicide or kills or hurts someone else while streaming live, is Facebook responsible? Now, the company’s hiring more people to monitor this issue.

The Met Gala was bananas. La La was killing them with the black dress, Rihanna shut down the whole set with her incredible dress, and of course, Diddy showed up and laid it all out there for everyone to see. My personal favorites were both Migos (who classed it up in a way that made it clear that these dudes are ready for the next level of stardom) and Jaden Smith (who brought his cutoff dreads as a date to the event). But that’s just me. You should check out Desus & Mero’s recap of the red carpet.

Another day, another officer gets off for killing an unarmed black person. You might remember the case of Alton Sterling in Louisiana, where police officers shot and killed him at point-blank range while onlookers watched him die in a convenience store parking lot. They won’t be charged by the Department of Justice. Then there’s the case of Michael Slager, who shot a man running away from him in South Carolina and it was, again, all caught on video. Somehow he managed to plead guilty to being responsible for that murder without actually admitting that he committed murder. Shameful.

Marshawn Lynch’s return to the NFL is extremely exciting. The Oakland Raiders running back is coming out of retirement to play for his hometown squad, and this slight football fan can’t wait to see it. But, from a gridiron standpoint, there are some serious questions about exactly why he’s doing this. Nobody becomes a better player when they don’t play, but at that position, there’s an argument that the time off has actually helped him heal. Either way, his head coach sees authentic interest in him being back in the league. Which is good for all involved.

Free Food

Coffee Break: If you know me, you know how much I love Zaytoven. The superproducer has been all over the place in the past five years, and his work on the keyboard is basically the music of God, as I see it. He recently sat down with Slay In The Morning and claimed that it takes him only 10 minutes to make a beat.

Snack Time: It’s the NHL playoffs, which means we’ve been fortunate enough to get a lot of good hockey in recent weeks. But this story about a Sikh Canadian broadcaster is really tremendous.

Dessert: You want to know cruelty? Just head to Flint, Michigan.

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