Daily Dose: 6/1/17 Racism rears its ugly head at African-American muse — United Black Books
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Daily Dose: 6/1/17 Racism rears its ugly head at African-American museum

So, I’m going to start featuring my favorite tweet of the morning in this spot just to get things started. Here’s Thursday’s.


You gotta be a majorly hateful person to leave a noose at the Blacksonian. Think about it. Either you planned for months to come to D.C., or got up early to get downtown and pull some racist nonsense just to make you feel better about yourself. There is a part of me that feels bad for people who have so much hate in their heart, because they have no idea how limiting it is. Nonetheless, this matter must be addressed, and Lonnie Bunch, founding director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture — a great dude, btw — did as much Wednesday. The cowardice in the perpetrator’s act is staggering.

We’ve talked about wedding music before, here. It’s a tough balance to figure out exactly what’s going to hype up a crowd, what works for the wedding party and what’s going to be good enough to get people to remember your nuptials. I’ve been to some weddings with some pretty awful music, personally. It’s so awkward. But some people like awkward. So now, FiveThirtyEight is looking for those wedding songs that no couple ever wants to hear, which is a hilarious premise for a playlist if you ask me.

Drugs make you do wild things. This is why people like them, but this is also why they’re relatively dangerous, no matter how the government may classify their existence. Some people have to take things to make their bodies or minds work. And in some cases, that can come with disastrous effects. Take for example this woman, whose husband is on antidepressants, which makes him physically abusive in his sleep. It’s probably time to start sleeping in separate beds.

There are a lot of storylines at play in the NBA Finals. But my favorite is Mike Brown. He used to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers, and now he is acting head coach for the Golden State Warriors. There’s no way to deny how bizarre of a twist that is for two teams that are battling for the title. And he didn’t just coach the team — Brown coached many of these actual dudes before the Cavaliers fired him. Now, Kyrie Irving is looking back on his time with Brown as his coach, when he basically got Brown fired because he wouldn’t change up his game.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Being a mascot is tough. You don’t get to talk. You always have to be jovial, and people are very rude to you in general. This week at Citi Field, Mr. Met gave a fan the finger, and it was unfortunately caught on camera, which means Mr. Met will now be a different person inside that suit.

Snack Time: Mac and cheese might be slightly overrated, but this picture of a little girl not letting a Disney princess get between her and her food is downright hilarious.

Dessert: Donald Glover is out here serving LOOKS, y’all.


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