Daily Dose: 6/13/17 Ice Cube honored on Hollywood Walk of Fame — United Black Books
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Daily Dose: 6/13/17 Ice Cube honored on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Mina Kimes dropped by The Undefeated office yesterday and we went to Starbucks. We ordered. Then: — wired. Those nitro cold brews are so potent that you can’t even serve them in the venti size because it’s too much caffeine.

Now that the Golden State Warriors are NBA champions, let the victory lap begin. They did not blow a 3-1 lead, so we can put that aside. Kevin Durant did win Finals MVP, so you can’t honestly say that he rode anyone else’s coattails on the way there. If they didn’t have Durant, they probably would have lost. You can save your competitive balance drama for your mama, because the Warriors are a tremendous team. Period. And LeBron James still managed to dominate the series statistically. We’ll see if they go to the White House to celebrate.

Before the East Coast/West Coast rap beef tore apart the industry, Ice Cube and Chuck D teamed up with Big Daddy Kane to drop a song that I’ll never forget when I first saw the video. Titled “Burn, Hollywood Burn,” it’s a look at how racist and stereotypical portrayals of black people in television and film contribute to our poor treatment by authorities and the population in general. Now, nearly 30 years later, it’s Cube himself who’s getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He’s done his part to make this better. Good for him.

In my life, I’ve been lucky enough to dodge surgery. They always say that a routine procedure really just means any procedure that isn’t being executed on you. I have had many friends and family members who’ve gone through these kinds of things, and the fear factor is always high. Basically, you just never know. When you get out on the other side, it’s time to celebrate, fam. Which is why this video of a young man who just underwent successful heart surgery nearly brought me to tears. The encouraging words of his mother are incredible.

I have no idea why Dennis Rodman is so obsessed with North Korea. I’m going to presume it’s because he somehow keeps finding paychecks out of that nation, but these basketball diplomacy visits have become a bit ridiculous. He’s now there again, claiming he wants to open a door for President Donald Trump, whom he formerly worked for on the television show The Celebrity Apprentice. Again, television programs are not necessarily real life, and this is definitely the case when it comes to a despotic leader who has zero interest in world peace.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Remember when we found out that Kevin Durant used to date The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay? Well, as it turns out, she was at the game Monday night with a friend and definitely shared the fun with folks on social media. Let’s just hope her new fiancé wasn’t with her, as that would be a tad awk.

Snack Time: It was only a matter of time before Facebook got into the business of original content programming. Now, former MTV star Nicole Byer might be getting her old show revived as part of their new push. That’s cool.

Dessert: If you loved John Saunders as much as I did, you need to read this story about his posthumous memoir.

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