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Daily Dose: 9/2/16 The man who ruined Leslie Jones’ life has no regrets

To all of you across the country dealing with the effects of Hurricane Hermine, good luck. It feels like half of Florida is underwater.

There’s a reasonable argument that Love & Basketball is the best hoops movie of all time. Some will tell you that it’s basically a love story masquerading as a sports flick, but when you compare it to other movies that do that, like say, Jerry Maguire, it’s not even close. Add that to the fact that the main character is a black woman whose identity is constantly challenged, and you’ve just got a great film, the importance of which was lost on no one. I didn’t know one girl in college who didn’t own this movie. VICE‘s Lyndsey D’Arcangelo looks back on its importance.

One of the scariest parts about internet trolls is that they believe in themselves. Take the case of actress/comedian Leslie Jones. She was targeted by a guy named Milo Yiannopoulos, who genuinely thinks that attacking people and ruining their lives over basic disagreements is a reasonable thing to do. As a result, Jones’ fans, co-workers and others came to her defense and Yiannopoulos got his Twitter account suspended. Now, he’s saying that he regrets absolutely nothing, but still wants to find his way back to Twitter. ABC News reports.

Wedding season is coming to a close, as far as the busy portion. But plenty people will still be having fall nuptials as a way to get out of the hectic summer. I’ll be at a wedding this weekend, myself. But as the online registry/donate to charity and/or our honeymoon fund matrix becomes more complicated, we wonder where we are with this. And there’s always the eternal question of how much should I actually be spending on gifts? Luckily, FiveThirtyEight’s Walt Hickey has a new guide for this, just in time for those football season nuptials.

If you don’t think that skin color matters in the judicial system, take a look at the case of Brock Turner. This man, a former swimmer at Stanford University, sexually assaulted a woman, then was given a sentence of only six months because his dad pleaded with the judge not to ruin his life. Gross. On top of that, he’s only serving half of it. Now, let’s look at the case of Corey Batey, a former Vanderbilt University football player who received a mandatory sentence of 15 to 25 years. Turner was released from jail Friday.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Back when rapper Kid Cudi broke into the acting scene in HBO’s How to Make it in America, it appeared that he was headed for small-screen stardom. Alas, that show only lasted two seasons and his acting career has been solid, but not quite breakout yet. Now, Kid Cudi is being replaced on the cast of Empire by Romeo Miller, whom you might know as rapper Lil Romeo.

Snack Time: If you’re a big fan of The Simpsons, but don’t necessarily understand why Apu’s accent is problematic, you might want to read this story about how many Indians feel on the matter.

Dessert: Print media is dying, but it’s not dead yet.

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