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Family forced to move after racist graffiti left in burglarized home

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Family forced to move after racist graffiti left in burglarized home

Latanza Douglas and her family were out of the house on Sunday evening when someone entered their home and burglarized it, spray-painting racist graffiti as well as swastikas on the bedroom walls and on the side of the house.

Now, Douglas feels she has no choice but to move her family.

“This was supposed to be the last time we were going to move,” she said, adding, “If it was a burglary, that’s one thing. It happens everywhere. But when you have people judging you for other reasons that you can’t do anything about, that makes it even harder.”

It’s especially a hard move because she had worked with developer Naresh Uppal to build her dream home. He had even encouraged her to move to the area because he felt that the community would be warm and welcoming.

“It took me four, five months just the build that house, just the way she wanted,” he said.

Uppal said that he was especially upset to see the words “Get out” spray-painted on the walls.

“That was the one that hurt the most because you never want to make anyone feel unwelcome,” he said.

Still, rather than hope that the community can effect healing, Douglas feels that the best step forward is to leave and give her foster children a better place to live.

“These kids have traumas already. So, now we’ve exposed them to another one and it’s not a feeling of safety,” she said. To that end, she has set up a GoFundMe page, which you can click here to donate to.

— ‘Kill Blacks’: Racist graffiti found inside Maryland school — 

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