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Florida high school blasted for ‘good girl’ prom dress code

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Florida high school blasted for ‘good girl’ prom dress code

A flyer that was put up at Stanton College Preparatory School has drawn controversy and sparked outcry for its “good girl” prom dress code.

The flyer showed various pictures of girls wearing different prom dresses, asking if each would be “going to Stanton prom?” For dresses that didn’t meet the dress code, the answer was “NO YOU’RE NOT” except for the one good example, which read “YES YOU ARE. GOOD GIRL.”

Lily Willingham, a Stanton senior who tweeted about the flyer, which eventually went viral, told First Coast News that she blamed a generational gap for the condescending and demeaning wording.

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“They didn’t quite see the issue about it being demeaning to women,” she said. “So once they did realize that that offended us and that we weren’t okay with that they were like, ‘Oh wow, we didn’t see it that way,’ and they apologized.”

The Duval County Public School District has since apologized, and the flyers were taken down.

“The display of prom dress photos pertaining to recommend attire at Stanton College Preparatory School is not an approved policy by the school or Duval County Public Schools,” a statement obtained by Fox 30 reads. “The displayed images were immediately removed by school leadership on Monday. Both students and staff have been informed this was not acceptable or appropriate guidance for prom dress attire.”

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