Georgia, Jeffrey Mann, News, Police Misconduct -

Georgia sheriff reportedly exposes himself, flees arrest

Georgia, Jeffrey Mann, News, Police Misconduct -

Georgia sheriff reportedly exposes himself, flees arrest

A Georgia sheriff was charged with two misdemeanors after reportedly exposing himself late on Saturday night and then trying to flee arrest.

According to a report obtained by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann was charged with indecency and obstruction after he exposed himself and walked in the direction of a police officer, who waited until Mann was within 10 feet before shining his light on Mann and identifying himself as an officer.

“I continued to watch the male run while I waited to cross 10th Street and its traffic near Argonne Street,” the report states. “The male had stopped to tie his shoes. I got approximately 10 to 15 feet from the male before he noticed my approach. The male immediately stopped fixing his shoes and started running again.”

According to the report, when Mann saw that the officer was gaining on him, he surrendered.

Mann characterized the arrest as a “misunderstanding” and swore that he would clear his name, though the headlines aren’t helping the reputation of the police in the area.

DeKalb Commissioner Nancy Jester said that the sheriff had always been “professional” and “appropriate” but that this report could damage the city’s reputation.

“It is embarrassing,” Jester said. “It’s certainly not a good headline for DeKalb County.”


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