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Homeless woman guards Trump’s Walk of Fame star with a ‘F*** Mexico’ sign, gets attacked

Donald Trump, Hollywood Walk of Fame, News -

Homeless woman guards Trump’s Walk of Fame star with a ‘F*** Mexico’ sign, gets attacked

A homeless woman fell to the ground in a confrontation over Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, and it has all been caught on camera.

She was standing guard over the star, bearing signs that said things like “F*** Mexico” and other comments criticizing Obama when she was intimidated and had her signs torn up.

The woman, who was inciting the crowd with racial slurs, continued to be jeered at even after she fell to the ground.

Police are searching for the woman so that they can interview her and write a misdemeanor battery report on her behalf. Trump’s people are trying to track her down as well, as Trump “has a gift for her.”

— Trump’s Hollywood star is destroyed, vandal vows to sell it and donate money — 

Trump’s star has been undergoing repairs since millionaire activist James Otis destroyed it with a pick axe last week.

Some of the signs that the woman carried said, “Donald Trump — keeping it real,” “twenty million illegals and Americans sleep on the streets in tents,” “U motherf***ers know!!! Take care home first. F*** Mexico” and last but not least, “Obama threw our black a**es under the bus.”

In one of the several videos taken, multiple people surround the woman, calling her a b**** while still others took her signs and tore them up, throwing them on the ground.

It was as she tried to gather her things that she fell to the ground, where people continued to jeer at her. Some bystanders claimed she was faking being hurt, while a man warned, “Don’t touch her! Let her be!”

One man went so far as to kneel down by her and tell her, “Didn’t I tell you five minutes ago, that somebody was going to walk by here and no, I wasn’t going to defend you?

— And so it begins: Trump supporter in Iowa arrested for voter fraud — 

“Because you spewed hate, and you got hate. You got exactly what you were dishing out,” he told her.

DJ Josh LeCash, who “studied winning” at Trump University, said on Facebook, “Earlier tonight on Hollywood and Highland, I went to go check out the vandalized Donald Trump Walk of Fame star.

“When I got there, there was a huge crowd surrounding a black homeless woman (mob-mentality fashion) berating and making fun of her. THEY EVEN MADE FUN OF HER HOMELESSNESS.

“I tried defending her and hit the crowd back with some questions / facts (when does that ever matter?) No the crowd weren’t a bunch of redneck white trash racists.

“They were a group of young diverse millennial liberals who couldn’t handle a black homeless female Trump supporter. I thought they were supposed to be tolerant of other people’s beliefs?”


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