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Ivanka Trump considered a ‘goddess’ by growing Chinese fanbase

China, Ivanka Trump, News -

Ivanka Trump considered a ‘goddess’ by growing Chinese fanbase

Ivanka Trump is gaining quite the fanbase in China, even as her father struggles for popularity in the United States.

Weibo, a site that is similar to Twitter, has a fan club for her on it in which she is referred to as “Goddess Ivanka.”

The page has approximately 12,000 followers who are more than willing to shower praise on the blonde beauty.

The ‘Goddess Ivanka’ fan club page that has more than 12,000 followers

According to Beijing professor Hu Xingdou, Ivanka’s popularity stems from the Chinese thinking she is supportive of their nation.

“Most people in China love Ivanka because of her friendly gestures towards the Chinese people,” Xingdou said.

“Ivanka is an important bridge during this period of uncertainties in China-US relations.”

— Ivanka Trump’s business in China suddenly prospers after meeting with president — 

He went on to say that the videos Ivanka has posted to social media of her daughter Arabella singing in Chinese to President Xi “was a boost for Chinese cultural nationalism.”

“It shows that Chinese culture has an important place in international society.”

The news of her popularity comes at the same time the Chinese foreign ministry had to defend the government’s handling of her trademark applications.

Beijing Foreign Affairs spokesman Lu Kang was asked about these trademarks due to the fact that three of the approvals were granted on the same day Ivanka and her husband were seated next to Xi and his wife at Mar-A-Lago for dinner.

According to Lu, China follows the law in granting trademarks and “the principle of giving equal protection to foreign trademark holders.”

“There are perhaps some media engaging in hyping certain gossip to hint at something undisclosed.

“I can tell you that they will never succeed.”

Ivanka Trump Marks LLC has 16 registered trademarks in China and over 30 pending applications. These trademarks cover a range of services and products, including cosmetics, luggage, clothes, handbags, jewelry and even spa services, among others.

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