Black Voters Donald Trump, Donald Trump Pandering Blacks, National, News, Politics, Presidential Election 2016, Race, Trump Rally -

Just Two Weeks Before Election, Trump Rolls Out ‘New Deal for Black America’

Black Voters Donald Trump, Donald Trump Pandering Blacks, National, News, Politics, Presidential Election 2016, Race, Trump Rally -

Just Two Weeks Before Election, Trump Rolls Out ‘New Deal for Black America’

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It is the countdown to Nov. 8, and the pandering is in full force for the presidential hopefuls. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has sent her to North Carolina to try to secure the Black vote, and Donald Trump’s campaign appears to be right behind her.

With just 12 days until Election Day, Trump delivered a policy-focused speech in Charlotte on Wednesday, Oct. 26. He referred to it as “a new deal for black America,” The New York Times reports.

“That deal is grounded in three promises: safe communities, great education and high-paying jobs,” The New York Times reports that Trump told the crowd. This particular group to which he spoke, according to The Times, consisted of 700 people and was invitation only, in a setting very contrary to the often-violent rallies that have been the hallmark of his presidential campaign.

According to The Times, Trump offered some new proposals, including a plan that would use tax holidays to help cities, a plan that would try to get foreign companies to invest in struggling neighborhoods here in America, and a new “federal disaster designation” that would help get money to impoverished metropolitan areas. However, The Times also says that Trump failed to mention the source of the money that would fund these endeavors.

“I will further empower cities and states to seek a federal disaster designation for blighted communities,” he said, according to The Times, trying to encourage “the rebuilding of vital infrastructure, the demolition of abandoned properties and the increased presence of law enforcement so we have safety in our community.”

Often using “Black” and “urban” interchangeably, Trump has made his appeal to “inner cities” a regular talking point while on the campaign trail, speaking about neighborhoods filled with crime where “you get shot” just for walking down the street.

While in Charlotte on Wednesday, Trump spoke not too far from where protests and riots erupted after last month’s police shooting death of unarmed Keith Lamont Scott. According to RawStory, the Republican presidential nominee criticized what he called “uneven justice,” promising that justice would be applied “fairly and equally and without prejudice” by making urban neighborhoods safer.

“I want every poor African-American child to be able to walk down the street … and not be scared,” Trump said, according to RawStory. “Safety is a civil right. The problem is not the presence of police but the absence of police. … We must work with our police, not against them.”

This Trump’s statements on police brutality and what happened to Scott, are contrary to his statements calling him “the law and order candidate,” echoing Richard Nixon, earlier this year. However his latter statements about safety and more police, seem to support that claim.

Prior in his campaign, Trump has consistently blamed Democrats for, according to The Washington Post, “crippling crime and total violence,” that he says plagues Black Americans, asking Black and other people of color at his rallies “What the hell do you have to lose?” by supporting his bid for the highest office in the United States.

According to The Times, at his rally on Wednesday, Trump tried to appeal to Black voters as coming from “the party of Abraham Lincoln.”

“It is my highest and greatest hope that the Republican Party can be the home in the future and forevermore for African-Americans and the African-American vote because I will produce, and I will get others to produce, and we know for a fact it doesn’t work with the Democrats and it certainly doesn’t work with Hillary,” The Times reported.

However, Trump’s appeals have not helped him sway Black voters. A CBS News poll from this month has found that Trump has secured just 4 percent of the Black vote.

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