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Married to Medicine star vents about police response after car accident

Married to Medicine’s Toya Bush Harris took to her Instagram account to share her displeasure about a recent run in with law enforcement.

According to her account, Harris, wife of ER physician, Dr. Eugene Harris, was involved in a frightening collision with a truck, “…he cuts too close, hits me and the boys head-on yesterday [and] damages the car—it’s jacked,” she shared.

Toya Bush Harris was apparently traveling in the car with her children.

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As part of a series Toya Bush Harris dubs “Mommy Chronicles,” the reality star then expressed her gratitude toward the driver of the truck who she called a Good Samaritan, “He’s so apologetic…so nice. He asks how I’m doing, if the boys are ok…,” she says of the truck’s operator.

Harris, however, claims the good vibes turned bad when law enforcement arrived on the scene.

“Police show up: Do you think they look at me and the boys and say ‘Is everybody ok?,’  expresses. “No, he looks at the guy and he says to the male, ‘Sir are you ok? Can you tell me what happened?’”

“That man said I hit her, she was not moving. I am so sorry,” the mother of two said of the driver’s account of the incident.

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Though offended by the officer’s perceived dismissal of her emotions, the Bravo TV star, whose been known to let sparks fly when tensions rise, says she “kept her composure.”

It was only after taking down the trucker’s account of the accident that police finally asked Harris if she and her family were ok.

Luckily, Toya Bush Harris says everyone involved in the accident left the scene without injury.




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