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Michigan girl killed by dog just moments after family adopts it

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Michigan girl killed by dog just moments after family adopts it

A 4-year-old Michigan girl was mauled to death by a dog just moments after adopting the pet into her family.

Kiyana McNeal was trying to train the dog with a treat when the dog’s previous owner brought it to her family’s home on Sunday.

“The dog come and sniffed it, and then stepped back. Then come, sniffed it again,” neighbor Becky Davis told WOOD-TV. “And evidently the third time he got her.”

— Terence Crutcher shooting reminds us that blacks are treated worse than dogs — 

The dog’s previous owner tried to revive Kiyana, but she died after the mauling. The previous owner was shocked, insisting that the animal had never been violent before.

“That’s my little baby girl,” said Kiyana’s dad, Gerald Johnson, who also noted that his little girl loved animals and wanted to grow up to be a veterinarian. “My baby girl will always be loved and we’re going to treasure all the videos and the pictures that we have of her.”

The dog was taken by animal control, and the attack is now under investigation.

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