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Nanny saves 4-year-old from runaway jeep

Cindy Gaston, nanny to two kids in Greenwich Village NYC is now being called, Mary Poppins, or Super Nanny. Gaston was standing on the corner with the four year old waiting for his sister when she saw a green SUV hurling towards them. Gaston yelled for the boy to run and got him out of the way and her in the path of the SUV. Michigan Chronicle reports Gaston suffered bruises and is on crutches.

Cindy Gaston (pictured), a 25-year-old Brooklyn woman who works as a nanny, plucked the four-year-old boy she was caring for from the path of a stolen jeep that almost killed them both, the New York Daily News reports[1].

The near-death accident took place on Thursday when Gaston and the boy, Jonathan Meltzer, were waiting on a corner for a bus that was bringing his sister home from a camping trip. Gaston saw a green vehicle coming at them and instinctively yelled “Run!” The vehicle careened across traffic, jumped the sidewalk and crashed through a traffic pole. It clipped Gaston in the back of the leg, injuring her.

Witnesses quickly came to her aid until an ambulance arrived. Once inside of the emergency vehicle, Gaston had the wherewithal to call the boy’s mother to assure her that the boy was OK.

“She totally saved my child’s life,” Chandra Meltzer told the Daily News.

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