Defecation, Kenilworth Public Schools, Littering, New Jersey, News, School Superintendent, Sports -

NJ school superintendent busted for daily poops

Defecation, Kenilworth Public Schools, Littering, New Jersey, News, School Superintendent, Sports -

NJ school superintendent busted for daily poops

A school district superintendent in New Jersey was caught defecating in public, after officials monitored a high school track field to see who was doing the number two, reports People.

In the bizarre case, Thomas Tramaglini was identified as the culprit leaving feces behind on the Holmdel High School’s track and football field. Police arrested him on Tuesday and he was “charged with lewdness, littering and defecating in public.”

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The high school coaches and staff “were finding human feces on or near the area of the High School track/football field on a daily basis,” said the Holmdel Township Police Department in a  statement on Facebook.

The track went under surveillance to help figure out where the feces was coming from.

That’s when Tramaglini went for a run… and defecated again.

Caught With Pants Down

 A school resource officer and school staff were “able to identify a subject responsible for the acts,” the statement continued.

Tramaglini has not spoken out about the allegations but did ask the school board to grant him leave with pay.

“Dr. Tramaglini requested and was granted a paid leave from the district,” the Kenilworth Board of Education announced. “Leaves can only be without pay in the face of indictments or tenure charges, as a matter of state law,” statement said.

“Effective immediately, Brian Luciani, our Director of Academics, will assume the responsibilities of the office of superintendent of schools,” they continued.

Tramaglini earned about $147,504 a year, according to According to The Independent, Tramaglini is scheduled to appear in Holmdel Municipal Court on May 7.

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Cleaning Up The Story

Although Tramaglini was superintendent of Kenilworth Public Schools in New Jersey, a neighboring school district to Holmdel High School, the Holmdel Superintendent Dr. Robert McGarry unfortunately has had to go on damage control because people thought he was the one arrested for pooping, reports News 12.

McGarry said he was flooded with calls, texts and emails from concerned parents, colleagues and community members about the Tramaglini story and a few media outlets incorrectly identified him as the one arrested but he’s not the serial defecator.

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