Obama receives ‘rock star’ treatment in Canada Although the former pre — United Black Books
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Obama receives ‘rock star’ treatment in Canada Although the former president was there to deliver a speech, his dinner with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became the buzz

The latest stop in former President Barack Obama’s post-presidency tour was Tuesday in Montreal, where Obama delivered a speech and later chatted it up with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Obama addressed the Montreal Chamber of Commerce in a speech that largely focused on warning against populism and authoritarianism. During his 70-minute talk to a crowd of more than 6,000, Obama also addressed climate change, diplomacy and fake news.

Afterward, Obama met up with Trudeau for dinner at Liverpool House in Montreal’s Little Burgundy neighborhood. Residents lined the street outside of the restaurant as Twitter users playfully teased the pair about a “bromance.” Trudeau confirmed the outing through a picture of the pair posted on his Twitter page.

“How do we get young leaders to take action in their communities? Thanks @BarackObama for your visit & insights tonight in my hometown,” Trudeau’s caption read.

According to several news outlets, Canada rolled out the red carpet for the former U.S. president. The Toronto Star described the scene before Obama’s speech to the sold-out crowd as one “laid out for a rock star.”

The obvious question for Obama: Where to next?

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