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Prison guard allegedly sexually assaulted female inmate daily for months

News, prison reform -

Prison guard allegedly sexually assaulted female inmate daily for months

A woman is coming forward to tell her story of sexual assault as she claims that she was daily assaulted by a male guard assigned to oversee female inmates despite the fact that he had a history of sexual assault.

DeEtta Williams spoke out in detail in an interview with the Guardian about the months of rape, abuse, and threats made against her family and children for six months.

“I still have nightmares and panic attacks. I take medicine twice a day for my anxiety and my post traumatic stress. I don’t know if it will ever get easier,” she explained.  “It’s still fresh. Maybe someday I’ll be able to block it out, but now I can’t. And because he knows so much about me, I wonder if he’ll come after me.”

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She claimed that she did not know who to tell as she was daily raped, choked, and forced to comply with Officer Michael Ewell’s demands, especially because the CDC knew about his past, claiming in her lawsuit that “Officer Ewell had a history of sexually assaulting women, a history well known to CDC,” adding that Ewell was accused of sexually assaulting “a fellow CDC officer, [and] was inexplicably transferred to a women’s prison. He was assigned his own unit to supervise, giving him unfettered access and power over the female prisoners in his unit”.

“The worst day was every day that I had to get up and face him,” Williams explained. “Who could I tell? Once I was violated, I didn’t feel safe. Being violated by your peers is one thing. You expect it in prison. Being violated by staff, by someone in authority, it takes a whole different turn to everything. At that point, who do you go to? Another staff? There’s no protection there. Everything goes out the window.”

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Finally, Williams met with Warden Kimberly Hughes and broke down, telling her everything. Hughes took swift action, transferring her to a single cell and launching an investigation.

“When I was talking to her about it, I lost it,” Williams stated. “It was in a conference room in segregation. I was yelling. I was screaming. I told her it was her fault. I told her she knew everything that was going on in the prison … I blamed her for everything, and her staff. I got her attention. She took action.”

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