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Samuel L. Jackson Responds to Fan Who Claims Actor Was Rude to Him

@WHUTUPDOE, Entertainment, fan interaction, samuel l jackson fan, say please -

Samuel L. Jackson Responds to Fan Who Claims Actor Was Rude to Him

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(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Samuel L. Jackson had a run-in with a fan Friday that the supporter cried foul about, but the actor swiftly responded giving a dose of the truth.

Writer Jerk Nowitzki tweeted on May 11 that he ran into the “Avengers” actor when he declined to take a photo with the fan.

“And @WHUTUPDOE nowhere in your request was the word ‘Please,'” Jackson replied two hours later. “Call me old-fashioned…but try it next time. Now, did you tweet to paint me as an asshole or let folks know you’re part of a big ass club now, too?”

Nowitzki responded by maintaining he “would never wanna paint you as an asshole” and he simply tweeted about the run-in because he “thought it was a funny story.”

“I PROMISE y’all I would never try to disrespect @SamuelLJackson lol,” he added. “Not even a little bit. I only tweeted about that interaction because I thoroughly enjoyed lol. Best believe I will say ALL of the pleases and thank yous if there’s ever another time.”

Still, the interaction had Twitter users polarized. Some felt Jackson should have taken the photo while others thought he had the right to refuse it.

“I think if Mr. was in front of your last name, that is a sign of respect,” someone tweeted. “If that is coming from a fan, I think you should have taken the picture.”

“The title Mr. means much respect,” another said. “Arrogance reigns supreme in Hollywood.”

“I don’t think he had any plans to grant your request, regardless of whether or not you said please,” another user on the other side of the argument said. “But ultimately it’s his choice who he spends his time with, and we’ve got to respect that.”

“He probably gets asked for photos all day long. He’s human,” one user said. “Why should he say yes during his own private time?”

Yet this isn’t the first time a fan encounter with Jackson has gone viral. In 2016, radio DJ The Fitz tweeted the actor was a “complete d—” when he refused to take a picture with him.

Jackson’s response was a lot more curt then as he replied, “I refused the photo politely @FollowFITZ then you spazzed out! Learn to say Please & F— You! Thanks for the Whitney snitch!!”

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