Shirley Caesar has always been the truth and this latest meme has put — United Black Books
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Shirley Caesar has always been the truth and this latest meme has put a spotlight on her glory

Last week, to most, Shirley Caesar was The First Lady of Gospel. The pastor/singer was a legend in the game, the type who sings at the White House. This week, she’s everyone’s grandmother at Thanksgiving.

If we’re being honest, we don’t feel bad about this meme at all. The song is just too good. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead Caesar is a national treasure, but we can do both in this space. Everything about this bit going viral is hilarious. From the remix itself to the hashtag challenge, this ratchet hymn, if you will, is genuinely inspirational. I probably listened to it 20 times on first go. This dude went all out and wrote a vegan-themed verse to spit while he sat in his car.

Most primarily, that menu sounds incredible. As someone who enjoys a good walking around ham (for the uninitiated, that’s the side ham that’s not a part of the actual table when it’s blessed, but is just present for snacking while the food gets ready) I can definitely appreciate that kind of spread. While we’re on the topic, can we discuss the concept of the “early plate”? You better have a DAMN good reason to get an early plate on Thanksgiving if you’re not instantly leaving the function to go to a place where there is no food.

Second is the fact that she counts using her thumb in that elegant way that only old black ladies do. The look on her face is so serious. You can catch this work from the kitchen, too. Don’t sleep. For accuracy purposes, it’s worth noting that the original song is called Hold My Mule. Here’s the whole thing, if you need to go to church right quick. It’s fire, by the way.

Also, as a general aside regarding gospel, is the concept of a quality preacher who is also a quality singer. Many preachers believe themselves to be as gifted in one as they are the other. Alas, this is not always the case. Nothing worse than a nonsinging person behind the pulpit carrying on all Sunday morning. You know who you are.

For DJ Suede, the guy who made the remix, he never expected it to blow up like this. He’s been remixing music and videos for about five years, and figured it was time to make a holiday edition. A buddy of his passed along the clip and the rest is history. “I put together a unique combination of 808s and topped it off with organ cords to provide that church feeling,” he said Monday. “When it was completed, I felt like it was a hit, but never expected it to take off in the way that it has.”

Caesar is the definition of peak blackness. She was born in and lives in Durham, North Carolina. She went to two different historically black universities. She’s been singing since the ’50s. She’s a Delta. She ain’t some crazy granny just singing funny stuff in a church. Much respect is put on her name. But you best believe that once that turkey comes out the oven, this song is coming on.

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