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Sir The Baptist says girlfriend Brandy is ‘standard for a good Black woman’

Brandy, Entertainment, Saint or Sinner, Sir The Baptist -

Sir The Baptist says girlfriend Brandy is ‘standard for a good Black woman’

During an interview on theGrio LIVE, music newcomer Sir The Baptist talked his debut album, Saint or Sinner, which features a special collaboration with his R&B superstar girlfriend Brandy.

The two solidify their romance on a track called “Good Ole Church Girl,” with Sir The Baptist, real name William James Stokes, proclaiming “I got Brandy and Jay got Beyoncé.” While the Chicago native fawns over his woman, he says the track is also a celebration of good women everywhere.

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“On this song, I just really wanted to big up ‘good women’ because everybody gotta be a ‘bad girl’ these days…Do I want my daughter years from now being that girl?…nah” he tells theGrio‘s Gerren Keith Gaynor. “And most guys don’t,” he adds.

The singer-rapper said he and Brandy had a great time recording the record because “we knew what it was to show that she’s the standard for a good Black woman…Good woman period.”

The musical couple also recorded the soul ballad “Deliver Me,” which tackles the topic of abuse and domestic violence. Brandy’s raspy, angelic voice capture’s the song’s vulnerability as she sings, “Lord, deliver me cause all he seems to do it hurt me.” Sir says the song’s sound is inspired by his Atlantic Records predecessor, the late Ray Charles, adding that Brandy’s soaring vocals captured the spirit of the musical icon.

As for the song’s serious subject matter he says, “My sister went through the domestic violence physically, but I had played games, emotionally had done so much damage, that I  wanted to say sorry on a song before starting fresh.”

He added: “And it’s almost like that ‘sorry’ set me up for a woman that I can really value for the rest of my life.”

As for how he and Brandy became an item, Sir admits the two connected through music and getting to know each other on a more personal level. “I think it was just hanging. We just hung, we spent time and we talked about everything that we enjoyed and liked. Just like everybody else, it just clicked,” he said. “…she’s amazing.”

Watch the full interview below.

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