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South Africa Contemplating 2024 Olympic Bid

Africa, News, Olympics 2024, South Africa, South Africa Olympic Bid, South Africa Sports, World -

South Africa Contemplating 2024 Olympic Bid


The South African Olympic Committee is said to be contemplating a country-wide bid for the 2024 Olympic Games, inspired by the IOC’s recent Olympic Agenda 2020 reforms.

“The country now has taken a different view of it, taking more of a country approach than a provincial,” Ivor Hoff, head of sports at Gauteng Province, told HOST CITY. “Because of the new IOC bidding and hosting criteria, the country will take this into consideration.”

Gauteng Province had been mentioned as a potential contender for an Olympic bid. Durban and Pretoria have also been mentioned as possible candidates.

But now, the South African Olympic Committee is instead said to be reviewing its bid for the 2024 Olympic Games and putting forward a proposal that links a number of host destinations.

“When Sam Ramsamy came back from [the IOC Session in] Switzerland he reported he is going to make a presentation to the South African parliament.”

As South Africa’s parliament is in recess this week, Hoff expects Ramsamy to make the presentation next week.

HOST CITY contacted SASCOC but Sam Ramsamy was unavailable for comment.

Agenda 2020 opened up the Olympic bidding process to allow for bids to be spread across more than one city.

“One city was quite a problematic approach, because it could potentially bankrupt that city,” said Hoff. “A developmental country like South Africa could look at it more comprehensively with several cities—this would be much better for a developmental country like South Africa.”

South Africa has recent experience wth hosting a nationwide mega event.

Ivor Hoff was a key figure in hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup, with a particular focus on legacy benefits for health, education and housing.

“Based on a really positive 2010 FIFA World Cup, we’ve got a good understanding of how the country can benefit from hosting major events,” he said.

South Africa has until September 15, 2015 to define its application for the 2024 Olympic Games.

So far, Rome and Boston have announced their intention to bid. The host city will be elected at the 130th IOC Session in Lima on September 15, 2017.

Source: HostCity

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