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  In the racist viral video of the week, a Puerto Rican woman captured an exchange with a white woman seated at the table next to her at the Wildflower restaurant in North Phoenix, Ariz., during which the white woman said America should be all white and “you will be wiped out, trust me.” Not […]

The post WATCH: ‘You will be wiped out’: Racist threatens Arizona restaurant customer in latest viral video appeared first on theGrio.

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Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake has a thing he does, which I call “The Flake.” The Flake is when a senator from a conservative state, like say, Arizona, acts conflicted about heavy subject matter and pump fakes as if they are going to cross party lines, but in the end—always in the end—they vote some 90 percent of the time…


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In an office full of women steamed over Brett Kavanaugh, Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema carefully avoided telling reporters whether she thought the sexual assault allegations were true.

The post 2 female Arizona Senate candidates on a Kavanaugh tightrope appeared first on theGrio.

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David Alan Grier is back on the big screen in the comedy/horror flick, Arizona. The quirky film that’s full of dark humor is a departure from the roles we’re used to seeing Grier play. and that’s part of the reason he was interested. “These are the kind of movies I want to make. These crazy, […]

The post EXCLUSIVE: David Alan Grier on ‘Arizona’ role, ‘The Cool Kids’ and why he’s glad he’s NOT dating Kamala Harris appeared first on theGrio.

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Sadly, Arizona Sen. John McCain’s death couldn’t come at a better time for the GOP as Jon Kyl, one of the most beloved Republicans, will take over his seat until at least the end of the year.


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It has been a long and valiant fight but on Friday, Arizona Sen. John McCain’s family announced that one of the most popular Republicans to speak out against the current president’s authoritarian regime will discontinue his brain cancer treatment.


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An Arizona teen was arrested last week after his teachers accused him of violating Apache Junction High School’s dress code.

The post Arizona high school student arrested for wearing a blue bandana in class appeared first on theGrio.

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A 35-year-old Mesa, AZ resident held a press conference to demand action against police officers who kicked and punched him in an incident caught on security cameras last month.

The post Black man brutally assaulted by Mesa, AZ police demands accountability appeared first on theGrio.

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On April 11, Black high school senior Lawrence Charles was was escorted off campus and the next day given an in-school suspension for refusing to remove his durag.

The post Arizona high schooler suspended for wearing durag says his punishment is racist appeared first on theGrio.

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Less than two weeks after a tragic Florida school massacre took the lives of 17, two Arizona students started a GoFundMe page to actually raise money for a school shooting. The crowdfunding website confirmed in a press release to Law & Crime that two Combs High School students worked together to set up the page. One of […]

The post High Schoolers started GoFundMe account geared toward school shooting appeared first on theGrio.

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Black parents in Chandler, Arizona are outraged at the decision school officials recently made following the release of a racist Snapchat video on Martin Luther King Day. Over the MLK holiday, a group of white eighth graders from Santan Junior High School posted a Snapchat video of themselves chanting “F**k all n****ers”. Other statements in […]

The post Black parents outraged after white students who chanted “F**k all N**ers” on Snapchat receive no punishment appeared first on theGrio.

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Former sheriff Joe Arpaio (and pardoned felon for those keeping track) who is now running for Jeff Flake‘s soon-to-be vacated republican Senate seat, is bringing back the “birther” conspiracy. Arpaio told WABC radio hosts Rita Cosby and Curtis Sliwa that he had proof former president Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States. That proof, he said, […]

The post Sheriff Joe Arpaio revives racist Obama ‘birther’ conspiracy to start senate campaign appeared first on theGrio.

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The United States is vast and diverse with so many travel destinations to choose from...

The post Top U.S. Cities to Visit in 2018 appeared first on theGrio.

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Arizona doesn’t immediately come up in discussions about the American Civil War, but the western […]

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PHOENIX (AP) — Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona has fixated on the authenticity of President Barack Obama's birth certificate for more than five years, going so far as to send a deputy and member of his volunteer posse to Hawaii to question officials...

The post Sheriff Joe Arpaio ‘closes’ racist probe of Obama birth certificate that found nothing appeared first on theGrio.

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Jamal Hinton and Wanda Dench had never met before until Dench accidentally added Hinton to a group message, thinking his number belonged to her grandson.

The post Grandma has Thanksgiving with teen she invited by mistake appeared first on theGrio.

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On Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. was in between campaign stops in Arizona when he noticed a stranded motorist on the side of the road. Rather than pass by, the eldest son of Donald Trump stopped to help the motorist, a black woman. Tyler Bowyer, chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party, was traveling with the […]

The post Donald Trump Jr. helps stranded black motorist in Arizona appeared first on theGrio.

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The Reverend Al Sharpton is being sued for $1.75 million by a trucker who claims that the civil rights leader took $16,000 from him with promises to help him in a discrimination suit against Verizon that, the trucker said, never got off the ground. Reggie Anders Sr. claims he paid $16,000 in cash, in exchange […]

The post Al Sharpton sued for $1.75 million over fraud allegations by man who sought his help appeared first on theGrio.

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ORO VALLEY, Ariz. (AP) — Two Tucson, Arizona, TV personalities pleaded not guilty to drug and child abuse charges after tests revealed there was cocaine in their baby's system...

The post TV personalities charged with child abuse after baby’s positive cocaine test appeared first on theGrio.

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On Monday afternoon, a reporter was arrested after he allegedly defecated on the lawn of a subject in a story that he was covering...

The post TV reporter arrested for defecating on a lawn while covering a story, fired by station appeared first on theGrio.

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VIDEO - It's hard to see Shanesha Taylor's mugshot and not have some kind of reaction...

The post Donations pour in for homeless mom who left kids in car appeared first on theGrio.

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PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona sheriff known nationally for his hard-line stance on illegal immigration is on the witness stand answering questions...

The post Ariz. sheriff Joe Arpaio denies expressing admiration for Klu Klux Klan appeared first on theGrio.

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LOS ANGELES (AP) - Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson and guardian of his three children, is safe and with a family member in Arizona...

The post Katherine Jackson trying to 'de-stress', suffered mini-stroke says family appeared first on theGrio.

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PHOENIX (AP) - Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's anti-illegal immigration patrols are taking center stage in federal court in Phoenix...

The post Racial profiling trial begins for Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio appeared first on theGrio.

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PHOENIX (AP) - Investigators for an Arizona sheriff's volunteer posse have declared that President Barack Obama's birth certificate is definitely fraudulent...

The post Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio says Obama birth certificate is fake appeared first on theGrio.

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OPINION - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is known for his intellectual heft, conservative politics, and his colorful writing...

The post Justice Scalia's immigration dissent: The most 'colorful' passages appeared first on theGrio.

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Congressional Democrats and Republicans scrambled for election-year gain from the Supreme Court's ruling Monday that threw out key provisions of Arizona's immigration law...

The post Sen. Harry Reid: Supreme Court ruling paves path to racial profiling appeared first on theGrio.

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OPINION - The Supreme Court’s decision about Arizona’s cruel anti-immigration statute is a mixed bag and a cautionary note for black folks...

The post Supreme Court decision on Arizona immigration law could still lead to racial profiling appeared first on theGrio.

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theGRIO REPORT - The Supreme Court Monday struck down much of a controversial immigration law passed in 2010 by the State of Arizona, but for now kept in place the part most hated by liberals...

The post Supreme Court strikes most of controversial Arizona immigration law appeared first on theGrio.

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Barbara Espinosa, an Arizona radio host, is in hot water after calling President Obama a 'monkey'....

The post Radio host in Arizona calls Obama a ‘monkey’ appeared first on theGrio.

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