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As a parent, the education of my children is a huge part of my life. I’m not only concerned by what that education looks like; I am equally concerned about who is providing it. I have two children in school—age 9 (4th grade) and 3 (Pre-Kindergarten)—at two entirely different schools in two entirely different places.…


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TheGrio reached out to principals and teachers who interact with children of all ages and backgrounds daily. If given the opportunity to tell him personally, this is what they would like President Trump to know about where they stand on the idea of gun-toting teachers in the classroom.

The post Black teachers respond to Trump’s proposal to arm them with guns in the classroom appeared first on theGrio.

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Donald Trump would like us to carry guns--"us" being educators. We don’t need guns. We need the tools to do our jobs. Here’s why this educator ain’t gonna be nobody’s “adept” shooter.

The post New York City Educator on Trump’s Proposal to Arm Teachers: ‘We don’t need guns, we need books’ appeared first on theGrio.

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Several news reports are raising alarms about the nation’s gifted and talented programs, which are […]

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Of the 3.3 million teachers in American public elementary and secondary schools in 2012, according […]

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