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We hit the streets of Harlem to see what Black people are saying about restoring voting rights to former felons and other tactics of suppressing the Black vote.

The post WATCH: Restoring voting rights to former felons is getting Black people talking about the midterm elections appeared first on theGrio.

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In the aftermath of the dramatic 2017 Virginia legislative elections, many are left trying to […]

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During a campaign stop in 2016, the nation winced when Donald Trump pointed out the […]

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Back in February, my stance on voting for Hillary Clinton was like eating a Popeye's biscuit without honey––it’s good enough but it's nowhere near ideal...

The post Now is the time to really be ‘with her’: Hillary Clinton should be our next president appeared first on theGrio.

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Even a solid turnout of Black voters for the midterm elections couldn’t help the Democrats […]

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ANALYSIS - As the Urban League detailed in an important report it released on Monday, African-Americans are themselves a crucial kind of 'swing vote'...

The post Why Team Obama is not taking the black vote for granted appeared first on theGrio.

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