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The lacrosse team at Timothy Heckman’s Bronx, New York, high school is no longer short of equipment. SidelineSwap, an online sports gear marketplace, recently donated 29 new custom-dyed lacrosse sticks to Cardinal Hayes High School, where Heckman is an earth science teacher and head lacrosse coach. “They reached out to myself and my assistant coach, […]

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On February 23rd, the Bronx Museum of the Arts hosted an African-American History and Culture celebration lead by Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson and State Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner.

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Saturday, a Bronx woman who stabbed her pregnant friend to death told authorities that she did so in self defense.

The post It’s my baby: Woman stabs pregnant friend, cuts child from womb appeared first on theGrio.

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A  homeless man from New York City is the newest YouTube sensation. A video of James Percell belting out lyrics to his song “Everything Must Change” has suddenly gone viral with over 1 million views over a year after it was posted. Percell says he wrote the song a few years ago hoping to give it to Michael Jackson, but then the […]

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NEW YORK - A 4-year-old boy who dreamed of being a basketball player was killed Sunday night while playing in a Bronx park after he was struck by a stray bullet from a nearby gun battle...

The post Boy, 4, dies after being shot in head on Bronx playground appeared first on theGrio.

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Device storage trucks provide a place for students in New York City to keep their phones during the day while they're in school...

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Daryl Homer isn’t what you would call your typical successful young black athlete. He doesn’t dominate a sport with a ball or play anything that has to do with a basket...

The post Meet Daryl Homer, a young black fencer going for Olympic gold appeared first on theGrio.

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NEW YORK (AP) - An NYPD officer has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges in the shooting earlier this year of an unarmed suspect in his Bronx home...

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