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The term “coach killer” is football jargon used to label a player, normally a quarterback, whose on-field performance is so bad that it routinely undermines his coach’s game plan and eventually leads to the firing of the coaching staff. But there isn’t a term for when the opposite happens, when a coaching staff’s game plans […]

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MINNEAPOLIS — While the surging Minnesota Vikings hurried to leave the locker room after their latest victory, a 24-7 dismantling of the formidable Los Angeles Rams, head coach Mike Zimmer stood at a lectern in a nearby room, attempting to answer the most pressing question facing one of the NFL’s hottest teams: When will Teddy […]

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LANDOVER, Maryland — It was an intensely personal moment laid bare because of the public nature of Teddy Bridgewater’s work. His horrific, career-threatening injury, his grueling rehab and the chance to finally reclaim his career — so much weighed on his mind. And as the Minnesota Vikings quarterback cried uncontrollably Sunday afternoon before kickoff here […]

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