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Last month, thousands of staffers walked out of Google offices around the world calling for a more inclusive company culture built around “equity, dignity, and respect.” Among the walkout organizers’ five demands was for the company to end forced arbitration for both harassment and discrimination claims. The company…


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Devah Pager, the Harvard sociologist who advanced the argument that there is discrimination in hiring through a groundbreaking report, died last week of pancreatic cancer. She was 46-years-old. Pager wrote about the “powerful effects of race” in hiring and showed that companies were more likely to hire a white man with a felony record than […]

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Even as France’s soccer team boasts having a multicultural squad and a 2018 Word Cup win, racism continues to be a stifling issue, especially for players like Kerfalla Sissoko, the New York Times reports. Sissoko said about a month before his team won the World Cup, he and other Black teammates were viciously attacked by a rival team and […]

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An Uber customer in Las Vegas is claiming she was denied a ride home from the grocery store simply because she was black. According to 8 News Now, Taniesha Travis, who had been shopping at the Smith’s Food and Drug chain, called an Uber to pick her up but didn’t even make it into the car […]

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PHILADELPHIA (AP) — An African American man who was denied officer status in the U.S. […]

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Something as simple as opening a checking account at a local bank could prove more […]

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D.C.’s longest standing Black residents are facing displacement, thanks to citywide housing and urban renewal […]

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What was supposed to be a fun night out with friends turned sour for an Indianapolis man who claims he was kicked out of a restaurant for sporting a necklace with a large cross on it.

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As if Starbucks wasn’t receiving enough bad publicity already, officials say there’s now a fake […]

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Target has agreed to settle a lawsuit that said its hiring process, which automatically rejected people with criminal backgrounds, disproportionately kept blacks and Hispanics from getting entry-level jobs at its stores.

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It’s probably safe to say California Rep. Barbara Lee isn’t a big fan of Betsy DeVos. Tuesday, Lee slammed the Education Secretary for what she alleges is a lack of concern for the civil liberties of students of color. READ MORE: Betsy DeVos sorry for not condemning racism when speaking to HBCUs DeVos was specifically called out […]

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The term “Black on Black crime” is taking on a very different meaning at one police department in Arkansas. On Monday, four black officers in Little Rock filed a discrimination suit against the city. The officers are alleging that their African-American police chief is far more willing to discipline or harass fellow Black officers in a misguided […]

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An incident of racial profiling at a restaurant in New England has gone viral after an onlooker talked about it and let everyone know about his outrage on social media. The latest incident occurred at an IHOP in Auburn, Maine, where a server asked for a group of Black teenagers to pay for their meals […]

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Infowars founder Alex Jones has discriminated against staffers, engaged in racist and anti-Semitic jokes against […]

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For only the second time in its history, the National Association for the Advancement of […]

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A new report by the Council on American-Islamic Relations revealed that anti-Muslim hate crimes spiked […]

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UCLA law student Dyne Suh and her friends excitedly headed towards Big Bear, Calif., in […]

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Water is essential for life. Without it, the average person would die after four days. […]

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Monica Roberts says she is living her best life. She has a network of dependable friends, is an award-winning blogger, and is very active in her community. But Roberts, 55, tells that getting to this point took time and courage. Monica was assigned male at birth and says she grew up as a boy. She says, however, she […]

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A leaked outline of President Donald Trump’s Religious Freedom order has several legal and policy […]

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Children use nursery rhymes when playing games or learning to read and count. However, the […]

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