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Obama's Lets Move! campaign has arguably already made a significant impact - focusing on raising a healthier generation of kids by encouraging healthy food choices, nutrition and physical activity...

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We’ve long been told that sleep is the ideal remedy for most ailments. There has […]

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WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House staff is spilling details about Obama family life, from the first family's fitness regime to their eating habits...

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FRUGIVORE - While her clientele includes a smoking hot roster of stars, Hollywood trainer Jeanette Jenkins has no problem helping everyone get the body they dream of.

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FRUGIVORE - Why did more than half of the parents of white girls have a college degree and have more income, while less than one-quarter of the black girls’ parents had a degree?

The post Are researchers race-baiting black childhood obesity tests? appeared first on theGrio.

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MADAME NOIRE - A pair of British researchers have published a paper in the 'Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine,' saying black girls and women don’t benefit from working out as much as white ones do.

The post Study: Black girls don't benefit from exercise as much as whites appeared first on theGrio.

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