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As a parent, the education of my children is a huge part of my life. I’m not only concerned by what that education looks like; I am equally concerned about who is providing it. I have two children in school—age 9 (4th grade) and 3 (Pre-Kindergarten)—at two entirely different schools in two entirely different places.…


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File this under “When Doing the Most Goes Wrong”: Some of your Insta-faves may be revealed to be a little less popular than you thought, as Instagram seeks to restore trust and integrity to its platform by banning paid-for likes and followers.


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  Jada Pinkett Smith and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, opened up about their experience with domestic violence on the latest episode of Red Table Talk. Jada’s mom recounted the abuse she suffered at the hands of Jada’s father, Robsol Pinkett, Jr. and shared the horrifying story with Willow Smith for the first time. “This will […]

The post Jada Pinkett Smith reveals why she pulled a knife on ex during emotional ‘Red Table Talk’ appeared first on theGrio.

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The family of Chinedu Valentine Okobi is requesting an independent investigation be done after viewing new footage of the Morehouse College graduate who died after being tackled and repeatedly tased by sheriff’s deputies near San Francisco. According to USA Today, the 34-minute-long video is a stunning contradiction to the public statements made by the San Mateo County […]

The post Facebook exec seeks answers in brother’s death at the hands of police appeared first on theGrio.

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While Senator Kamala Harris has yet to confirm her plans, her Facebook presence has people speculating that she may be amping up to throw her hat in the 2020 presidential ring.

The post Sen. Kamala Harris just bought 1,100 Facebook ads, so does this mean she’s running in 2020?! appeared first on theGrio.

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  A white 3rd-year law student from North Carolina Central University is under fire for allegedly posting disturbing and chilling comments that have her classmates on edge, following the news that bombs were sent to prominent Democrats last month. The student, Morgan Kendall, reportedly proclaimed on Facebook that she wished she could take credit for sending […]

The post A white North Carolina Central University law student causes outrage after posting racist comments appeared first on theGrio.

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Ernest Owens, a queer Black journalist, details his traumatizing experience of being interrogated by police over a Facebook comment.

The post OpEd: I was interrogated by the Counterterrorism Unit for a Facebook comment appeared first on theGrio.

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Terrance Everett has been on the wrong side of the law for most of his adult life. When he was 18, he had to register as a sex offender for having sex with a 15-year-old, because she was under the age of consent. In his 20s, he was, he says, “hanging with the wrong people doing the wrong things,” resulting in charges…


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A loving father in Houston, Tex., has gone viral after he choose to let his paternal instincts take over while confronting the boy who had been bullying his child at school. Last week, Aubrey Fontenot uploaded a video on Twitter that shows him taking his son’s former bully on a drive, in efforts to get to the bottom […]

The post Texas father treats son’s bully with compassion after discovering his family is homeless appeared first on theGrio.

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Facebook has identified and banned hundreds of accounts, groups and pages engaged in misleading political behavior.

The post Facebook takes down 652 accounts linked to Russia, Iran appeared first on theGrio.

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A married woman from Tuscaloosca, Alabama is in police custody after she allegedly held her lover at gunpoint while on a video call with his wife.

The post Mistress shoots boyfriend on Facebook Live after he refuses to divorce his wife appeared first on theGrio.

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Conservative vloggers Diamond and Silk on Friday likened their supposed “censorship” on Facebook to oppressive […]

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SEATTLE (AP) — Facebook and Washington state have reached a legally binding agreement that requires […]

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  Jada Pinkett Smith just wrapped the first season of Red Table Talks and we caught up with her to get more insight on parenting her famous children, Willow and Jaden Smith. In the latest episode of the Facebook Watch series that features Jada Pinkett Smith along with her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, and her daughter, Willow […]

The post EXCLUSIVE: Jada Pinkett Smith on parenting, police brutality, and privilege appeared first on theGrio.

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  Reverend Jesse Jackson took Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to task about the company’s apparent lack of diversity during the social network’s annual shareholder meeting on Thursday. The activist got right to the point when he grilled the uber-rich head honcho. “Beyond the board, the C-suites, the top 15 employees are white, and that does […]

The post Jesse Jackson grills Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s lack of diversity appeared first on theGrio.

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On the latest episode of Jada Pinkett Smith‘s Facebook talk show, “Red Table Talk,” she and fellow Black Hollywood favorite Gabrielle Union finally let go of their 17-year feud. Even though both actresses have teased us about this long overdue sit-down in the press, the episode showing how it all went down wasn’t released until Memorial […]

The post Outgrowing Petty: What Gabrielle Union and Jada Pinkett-Smith can teach us about forgiveness appeared first on theGrio.

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  Actress Jada Pinkett Smith has revealed on her Facebook show “Red Table Talk” that she suffers from alopecia, and it is causing her to lose her hair. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. Pinkett Smith, 46, star of “Girls Trip” and the classic “Set It Off,” said that she was in […]

The post Jada Pinkett Smith reveals surprising struggle appeared first on theGrio.

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Jada Pinkett-Smith reveals that Will Smith wasn’t actually divorced from his first wife Sheree Zampino when the two initially started dating.

The post Jada finally admits to dating Will before his divorce appeared first on theGrio.

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Police are searching for answers after a chilling video surfaced of a Shreveport woman begging for her life.

The post True Crime: Mother of three murdered in Facebook Live video by ex-boyfriend appeared first on theGrio.

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg promised Sen. Corey Booker on Tuesday that he would do his […]

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Here is The Download for April 12th. Last night, theGrio got a shout out on Fox News, thanks to Diamond and Silk – two black sisters who stan for Donald Trump. They didn’t like that theGrio characterized their politics as shucking and jiving, even though there’s plenty of evidence that they do. The entire segment […]

The post The Download | April 12th: theGrio featured on FOX News (WATCH) appeared first on theGrio.

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This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will expose his underbelly to Congress…twice. Today, he will stand before the Senate and tomorrow the House to answer questions regarding the admission that Facebook participated in the third-party harvest of the personal data of nearly 71 million Americans who use the social media platform. This is a transgression that the […]

The post Why Congress must decide on the fate of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and the personal data of millions of Black Americans appeared first on theGrio.

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A “Black Lives Matter” page boasting nearly 700,000 Facebook followers is actually a scam run […]

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As Russian hackers attack and stories about cyber terrorism continue to make headlines, we thought it best to compile this handy list of things you need to stop sharing on social media - RIGHT NOW!

The post The Russians are coming: 10 Things you need to stop sharing on social media – NOW appeared first on theGrio.

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Carol Davidsen, former media director for the Obama for America presidential campaign, recently explained on Twitter the massive amounts of information they were granted to use with permission from Facebook.

The post Former Obama campaign director reveals Facebook knowingly let them mine users’ data appeared first on theGrio.

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Facebook has cut ties with Cambridge Analytica because the firm failed to delete the personal data of users. and is suspected of using it to aid the Trump campaign

The post 50M Facebook users exploited by Trump data firm appeared first on theGrio.

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An incident of racial profiling at a restaurant in New England has gone viral after an onlooker talked about it and let everyone know about his outrage on social media. The latest incident occurred at an IHOP in Auburn, Maine, where a server asked for a group of Black teenagers to pay for their meals […]

The post Maine IHOP Manager: “We’re not racist” after restaurant asks Blacks to prepay for meal appeared first on theGrio.

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A man who is being reviled in an accusation of having used a racial slur against a black boy earlier this month is said to have portrayed the opposite sentiment on Facebook. On March 7, a Black child who attended a birthday party with family and friends at a Hooters restaurant in Overland Park, Kan., […]

The post Firefighter who allegedly called child N-word once urged racial tolerance on Facebook appeared first on theGrio.

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jay-Z, Harry Styles, Kendrick Lamar, U2 and Chris Stapleton were just some of the artists responsible for Barack Obama’s favorite songs of the year. The former president shared an eclectic list of his favorite songs and books of 2017 Sunday on his Facebook page, including Jay-Z’s “Family Feud” and Styles’ “Sign […]

The post Obama lists his favorite songs, books from 2017 appeared first on theGrio.

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Trayvon Martin wanted a snack. So he threw on a gray hoodie and headed out for some Skittles and a sweet tea. Thirty minutes later, Martin was dead, shot down by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman. The story of race, violence and death immediately dominated headlines. But soon the story became that hoodie. The narrative […]

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Social media giant Facebook told lawmakers with the Congressional Black Caucus this week that the […]

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