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Holidays like Father’s Day are hard for those who’ve lost a patriarch, especially when the loss is due to a violent death at the hands of the police. Monday, the families of Eric Garner, Delrawn Small and Saheed Vassell, called for the New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD to take action […]

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Wizdom Powell experienced the loss of a paternal figure as a child. She does not go into much detail, but the loss prompted her to work in the field of health outcomes of men and boys. “From that personal experience ignited a more scientific one that really aligned one with the data that tells us […]

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Father's Day is a special celebration to honor amazing dads and R&B singer Usher definitely felt the love.

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There’s arguably nobody whose draft stock is soaring so high, so close to the NBA draft, as former Michigan State big man Jaren Jackson Jr. And there’s nobody who’s prouder at this moment than his father, former NBA player Jaren Jackson Sr. Father and son NBA duos exist, but they are rare, and each person’s […]

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Father’s Day is usually a celebration of fathers. Wayne Pratt chose to honor his son, two-time NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Kevin Durant. Durant was born on Sept. 29, 1988, in Washington, D.C. A 23-year-old Pratt left Wanda Durant and their sons, Kevin and Tony, about a year later and was in and out of […]

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Father’s Day is recognized in over 40 countries and has since the Middle Ages. In the U.S., the third Sunday in June is always designated as the one day in the year where we put all of our energy into celebrating dear old Dad. Except Father’s Day isn’t always a happy one for many of […]

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Ignore what the haters say, skip the problematic B.S. “baby daddy” card  circulated by American Greetings and Target, and stand up proudly as you celebrate and proclaim: Black dads are everything! And I should know because I personally had one of the best (rest in peace, W. Louis Kyles.) This is why it truly and deeply […]

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First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil / For real, you the only father that I ever knew … — J. Cole, “No Role Modelz” (2014) Tatyana Ali is fighting back tears, and it’s been nearly half a decade. “James Avery taught me that acting is actually a noble profession, and that there’s great […]

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I am a black father, and I was once asked if my dad wasn’t in my life, where would I be? That question stumped me. It was the first time I had to imagine my childhood, adolescence and even adulthood without my father. I was stumped because every moment of my life, my dad has […]

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LeBron James’ 2003 NBA debut had the celebrity gravitas of a Hollywood awards show. The game, on the road and between the previously abhorrent Cleveland Cavaliers and the then-playoff contender Sacramento Kings, wouldn’t have been a blip on the NBA’s opening-night radar if not for the kid from Akron, Ohio, on a quest to be […]

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Nearly 21 years ago, Tim Walton Sr. was forced to make the most difficult phone call of his professional career. His wife, Teri, was in labor with his daughter, Tristyn. His team, the San Antonio Texans of the Canadian Football League, was in the biggest playoff game against the Baltimore Stallions that they had experienced […]

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As a human resources professional Floyd Sartin knows a thing or two about connections with people. As the Director of Human Resources at Service Year Alliance, he is tasked with leading strategic business initiatives and managing and implementing HR functions. And while his role within the company allows him to serve his peers, he has […]

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Father’s Day is June 18. The bond between a father and a daughter is unbreakable — even when it’s not one forged at birth. It’s seems like only a minute since NBA forward Serge Ibaka learned he had a daughter. Now, he and 11-year-old Ranie are living in Orlando, Florida, and celebrating their first Father’s […]

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As Father’s Day approaches, my thoughts put me in a time machine. My son Marc was a little boy, and I was giving him a bath. As I splashed him with soapsuds, a delicious memory washed over me, and I told my son about it: When I was his age, my father bathed me, telling […]

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David Huntley is no stranger to hard work. In his role as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer at AT&T, he’s responsible for developing policies to safeguard the privacy of customer and employee information, and ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements globally. He’s also the highest-ranking African American at the $163.8 […]

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Although God did not deem it appropriate to imbue me with superhuman strength, super speed or the ability to fly, I still possess abilities beyond that of normal men. Supermen shouldn’t go around telling people how many buildings they’ve stopped from falling on cats; you’re Superman, it’s what you do. So I won’t tell you […]

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Leah Still told her father, Houston Texans defensive tackle Devon Still, he is her hero because he “always saves the day.” When it comes to father-daughter bonds, the Penn State standout and his daughter Leah are the perfect example of love and dedication. Many cried with the Stills and rejoiced as he gave the public […]

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What words come to mind when you imagine a black father? For me, they are “important, undervalued, love.” Unfortunately, these are not the first things many individuals think of when they imagine a black father. Terms such as “deadbeat,” “trifling,” and “absent” for decades have been used to contextualize black fatherhood. However, over the last year, […]

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Louisiana State University standout Ben Simmons may be preparing for Thursday’s NBA draft, but he still found time to write a letter to his father, David Simmons, for Father’s Day. “This journey to the NBA draft brings us full circle. Because of your hard work I have opportunities that you didn’t have. And for that […]

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One of the most sacred bonds in life is that between a father and his children. Fatherhood is a tough task, and not a road anybody should have to venture on his own. With that, we’ve asked some members of The Undefeated and ESPN family to share what they’ve learned from their fathers – and […]

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When Martellus Bennett was a kid, no alarm clock was necessary on Saturday mornings. His body clock knew: If he slept in, he’d miss his early morning cartoon lineup. The future New England Patriot, then living in his hometown of Houston, would jump from bed, stomp downstairs to the kitchen and fill a bowl with […]

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During the 1960s, my daddy worked on an assembly line from 3 or 4 p.m. until midnight. He arrived on time. He did what he was told. He left work when the whistle blew or the buzzer blared. He drove 90 minutes back to our home in Southwest Philadelphia wary of the unexpected. He didn’t […]

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Rapper Kanye West went all-out for his friend Jay-Z on Father's Day...

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VIDEO - Barack Obama's re-election campaign released a Father's Day video that paints an intimate portrait of Obama the dad...

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OPINION - The president recognizes that the most important, most challenging, and most fulfilling job he'll ever have is to be Sasha and Malia's dad...

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theGRIO REPORT - Any fool can be a father but it takes someone special to be a loving and supportive dad. That’s the message a new movement of black men are advocating....

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SLIDESHOW - TheGrio is celebrating Father's Day this year by asking this question on the streets of New York City.

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